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Which vegetarian menu?

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impatientmammy Mon 01-Jul-19 22:49:17

I've put together two vegetarian menus for an August wedding just wondering if there's a favourite choice (tasting evening in November but it'll be nice to keep this in mind) or any advice on weather it goes together well.
Menu 1
Starter - classic tomato bruschetta
Main - breaded tallegio cheese served on a ratatouille tart with pesto
Desert - lemon posset with raspberry pearls and white chocolate fingers

Menu 2
Starter - tomato basil and mozzarella salad
Main - sweet potato, pea and cumin samosa with baba ganouche, coriander and mint yogurt
Desert crushed almond and double chocolate torte with chantilly cream an white chocolate cigars

Thank you to anyone who takes the time to read. There will be a meat menu also but I've left that to my fiancé x

Kangaroo1 Mon 01-Jul-19 22:50:47

The first one- yum!

MoreSlidingDoors Mon 01-Jul-19 22:52:12

I couldn’t eat either due to a tomato allergy.

ladybirdies Mon 01-Jul-19 22:54:04

Veggie here - first one definitely

Ohyesiam Mon 01-Jul-19 22:54:27

Bona fida veggie here, and I love the sound of option 2.

Can’t see how anyone would be disappointed by option 1 though.

lljkk Mon 01-Jul-19 22:55:01

First one is very heavy in cheese & bread.
I love cheese but many don't. I'm not keen on bready things.

2nd one has more veg & chocolate so 2nd has my vote.

mnahmnah Mon 01-Jul-19 22:55:07

Both look good but I would prefer menu 2

S1naidSucks Mon 01-Jul-19 22:55:16

If you’re sure there are no vegans, then I’d go with the first. They both seem really good, but the first will soak up alcohol. I’ve found to my cost, that if a meal is too light, then so am I. 🍷🍷🍷🍷🤪

The first one is also more filling so will stave off hunger. The second sounds gorgeous too, but they could be hungry later.

Karwomannghia Mon 01-Jul-19 22:55:42

Both seem lovely but I’d go for number 2.

Eustasiavye Mon 01-Jul-19 22:57:41

Is prefer number 1.

Heyha Mon 01-Jul-19 22:57:45

I'm not veggie but often choose it at events catering for larger numbers anyway as tends to be nicer but those two menus look really good!

The only thing I'd say is menu one is veg on carb start then veg on carb main, if you see what I mean. I'd be tempted to put the starter for menu two in for menu 1 as well. Both mains and puddings sound delicious!

Gigia Mon 01-Jul-19 22:57:57

First one

DearLady Mon 01-Jul-19 22:58:06

Menu 2 for me.

Tatapie Mon 01-Jul-19 22:58:32

Prefer No2 tho ideally I'd like bruschetta followed by samosa cos I think you need stodgy food at a long boozy do! Also both vegan if yoghurt optional. And I don't like cheese much!

LizzieMacQueen Mon 01-Jul-19 22:58:52

Menu 2. Tasting in November so is it a winter wedding?

hartha Mon 01-Jul-19 22:59:13

Might be wrong but I think Chantilly Cream normally has Gelatine in it

nakedscientist Mon 01-Jul-19 23:00:09

Menu 1 for me.

UrsulaPandress Mon 01-Jul-19 23:00:22


But both seem quite light.

3boysandabump Mon 01-Jul-19 23:01:17

I'd pick menu 2

nakedscientist Mon 01-Jul-19 23:01:30

Chant illy cream is just cream whipped with sugar and vanilla as far as I know.

FirstTimeToddlerMum Mon 01-Jul-19 23:01:49

I'm veggie and would pick menu 1

PickAChew Mon 01-Jul-19 23:02:04

Both menus are too cheesy for me but the second one sounds more interesting. The first is lots of bread, pastry, cheese and tomatoes.

cushioncovers Mon 01-Jul-19 23:02:08


hormonesorDHbeingadick Mon 01-Jul-19 23:02:13

Menu 2.

sepsisandAKI Mon 01-Jul-19 23:02:30

Veggie here. Definitely 2!

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