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Clumsy bride

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YellowMellow15 Sun 30-Jun-19 10:08:03

I dont even know what I'm asking to be honest. Getting married in 7 weeks and just realized how clumsy I am. I have always known it but it's just a part of life. But know I am thinking about the wedding photos. I dont have sleeves on my dress but my arms are covered in bruises, cuts, burn scars(used to work with oven) my hand are always covered in cuts (I now work a lot with paper and staples that just slice everything) and even just yesterday I got my ring caught and now my finger has swollen and it bruised. I dont think I can wear makeup on my arms of fingers that would look 'natural' so I think I will just have to deal.
Is anyone dealt with this but the pictures look fine? Did any guest look that closely go see these marks?

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WeShouldOpenABar Sun 30-Jun-19 10:12:18

You can get body makeup for scars and tattoos that will do the job. The photographer can probably air brush them out if they bother you. Or you can just laugh and accept them as part of who you are and know only you will look that closely at your wedding photos anyway. I'm very clumsy and I laugh at my short wedding dress when I at my photos, chosen purely because it was the only one I wouldn't trip over going up the aisle.

Pangur2 Sun 30-Jun-19 10:17:10

I had this in regard to my legs. I'm always covered in bloody bruises. I bought some colour corrector stuff which helped with one whopper I had on my shin, but the rest were so small you couldn't really see them in the photos. I have loads of freckles as well though, so they may have helped conceal them.
I even get bruises from holding bags on my arms, it's a joke. I also feel your pain!

ReggaetonLente Sun 30-Jun-19 10:28:28

The Kim Kardashian body foundation is insanely good. A miracle worker. Pricey but for your wedding day, if you can source some, I would.

YellowMellow15 Sun 30-Jun-19 15:34:17

Thank you, everyone. I will definitely look into everything suggested!

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noonarna Wed 03-Jul-19 12:29:53

Honestly I would go against what others have said about trying to cover it up. Who cares, if that is who you are and how you normally look, why try and be someone else for the day? Just sounds like a lot of effort, money and risk of turning your dress brown!

A good photographer will be able to touch up anything major, but you really wont notice in photos.

Lamazedragon Wed 31-Jul-19 08:49:19

If it would work with your dress style you could wear a lace bolero? Simple way of adding sleeves. Of course it would also be fine to show your scars and bruises! Just an idea for you x

WTF0ver Sat 10-Aug-19 00:36:39

Oh, this is me. I'm forever walking into things, tripping over my own feet etc. Disaster! Just another reason I'm running off to Vegas so I don't get performance anxiety from all those eyes on me! Haha. I wouldn't be too bothered about bruises showing though.

MrsMc2019 Fri 23-Aug-19 10:40:10

Snap!! I always manage to trip over fresh air! I'm wearing a tea length wedding dress next month but I'm getting a spray tan a few days before which will hopefully even everything out.

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