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Are you having professional hair and make up?

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Basketofkittens Sun 23-Jun-19 16:17:51

I decided to. Would like to look extra polished!

LaurenSarah22 Sun 23-Jun-19 16:25:01

Yep hair and make up. I think every bride should

Pipandmum Sun 23-Jun-19 16:27:05

Yes but do a trail run first.

StrugglingOn13 Sun 23-Jun-19 16:35:42

Yes! Loved the trial smile

twointhemorning Sun 23-Jun-19 17:04:23

Yes, I am having a makeup artist and hairdresser who are both travelling to the venue. Did a trial and was very happy. Can't wait for the big day!

I wouldn't be able to do it as well myself, especially the hair. It would just be too stressful.

I'm also paying for my mum, my sister, my niece and sister-in-law to have their hair and makeup done on the day too.

whatthehelldowecare Sun 23-Jun-19 17:04:34

Absolutely! I get my hair and makeup done for nights out occasionally, wouldn't have crossed my mind not to for my wedding. My trial is next week!

flissity Mon 24-Jun-19 06:06:39

Having hair done by my hairdresser friend. But doing my own makeupsmile

MaMaMaMySharona Mon 24-Jun-19 09:24:00

Yes I'm having hair and makeup for me, bridesmaids and my mum! Can't wait to all be together getting ready!

Costing a bloody fortune though gin

SargeantAngua Thu 27-Jun-19 09:14:43

I'm not, though I can understand why most people do. I had a free makeover at boots and bought what was recommended, and my SIL-tb will help with application and do my hair. My bridesmaid is 12 and will do her own make up as she's into make up, and SIl-tb, her mum, will do her hair. Just want a very natural look for both of us, as I don't usually wear any make up. It's also a more relaxed lower anxiety way of doing it, which I need.

boredboredboredboredbored Thu 27-Jun-19 16:32:52

I am too. Never had one for my first wedding so treating myself second time around. I've got shit hair so feel sorry for mine!

RavenLG Thu 27-Jun-19 16:52:58

Definitely hair because it's shit and it'll look awful if I attempt anything myself. Not decided on make up yet but probably as I'll get in a fluster doing it myself.

CurbsideProphet Thu 27-Jun-19 16:57:10

Yes - for me, 2 bridesmaids, and mum.

I want to look like me on a really good day and luckily I've found a make up artist and hairdresser who both create lovely "just woke up after the best sleep of my life and am having the best skin / hair day ever" looks smile

Maryqueenofscots83 Thu 27-Jun-19 17:03:05

I had professional hair and make up done, luckily I had a practice session, the make up was so thick and the hair was stiff - I didn't look like myself and felt uncomfortable so decided to go au naturel instead and looked loads better than made up.

I'd recommend a practice session first to see if you like the end result.

LadyMonicaBaddingham Thu 27-Jun-19 17:06:57

I had a professional blow-dry, and a good friend did my makeup for me as a gift

LoafofSellotape Thu 27-Jun-19 17:12:32

I had my hairdresser come to the house and blow dry my hair ( in the days before straighteners so the blow dry was crucial!)

I did my own make up,I'm quite good anyway but went to Boots and a lady behind the counter showed me what was what and my make up lasted all day and looking at the photos it hasn't dated at all even though it was 20 years ago. I had a friend who was getting married at the same time and she has a terrible experience with a make up artist so a trial run is essential!

sittingonafishfinger Thu 27-Jun-19 17:15:05

Slightly outing but I got married in a smallish ceremony at a registry office in London, and had my face done by the Bobbi Brown counter at a nearby John Lewis an hour before hand! Just one of their party ready looks! Pretended I was just a wedding guest as I didn't wear a proper big wedding dress or anything. Looked just right for me as I never wear make up anyway.

TheFlis12345 Thu 27-Jun-19 17:15:12

Yup, it was bloody expensive but worth every penny, I looked a million times better than I could have ever done if doing it myself.

DoraleeRhodes Fri 28-Jun-19 11:18:28

I’m having my hair done professionally but going for a make up lesson with Mac and will do my own on the day.

Cuppa12345 Fri 28-Jun-19 11:22:00

I got a hairdresser to do an up do just by booking a usual appt (said I was going to a wedding, didn't say it was mine 😂) and my mum did my makeup. Mine was a very relaxed affair and I loved it. It wouldn't have been me to get a full face of make up, spray tan and nails or whatever. Plus didn't have the money!

Halloumimuffin Fri 28-Jun-19 15:38:20

Nope, quite good at doing it myself and know exactly what I like. When other people do my makeup it looks wrong and I don't like it.

BarbaraGordon Sun 30-Jun-19 18:43:05

Nope - I've got short hair anyway so there's nothing really to be done with it, and just went to a make up counter for a demo and bought some bits.

firstimemamma Sat 06-Jul-19 10:55:21

Won't bother with make-up - will just apply a small amount myself.

Will probably get a hair dresser to do something simple with my hair.

Each to their own!

user1471449295 Thu 25-Jul-19 19:00:16

Yes, both. Couldn’t be dealing with the stress!

Sandhead1 Thu 25-Jul-19 20:09:03

How much are you all paying for make up and hair?

I was quoted £60 per person for makeup and thought it was so expensive!

Brideof2020 Sat 27-Jul-19 13:41:15

I'm having both done professionally. I'm crap at applying make up !!!
My make up artist is charging £40 for bride £35 for anyone else. Trials are £35. All the quotes I had we're about the same.
I am ok at doing other people's hair but cant do my own. My usual hairdresser is doing mine.

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