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Average wedding cost?

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MissMoodyMoo Thu 20-Jun-19 22:03:21

Since Mums net is anon I don't feel cheeky asking this lol! How much did your wedding cost? What was it like?

My sister's cost around £23,000 not including honeymoon
And my friends cost around £28,000 again not including honeymoon. .

Just being nosey and getting ideas for money saving etc

Mummyme87 Fri 21-Jun-19 11:20:22

We are mid planning and estimated around £30k for our wedding in Hampshire for 100 adults and 20 children. I suspect it will be closer to £33k. Not including honeymoon

thecatsthecats Fri 21-Jun-19 11:48:39

13k for wedding, including:
- outfits for all of wedding party
- free bar, food all weekend inc a 3 course dinner at a Fri-Mon venue
- accommodation for 18 (wedding party, immediate family and partners thereof)
- all fees and sundries, and some entertainment
- no photographer (talented friends), made my own cake, sister made origami flowers, no cars, spotify playlist instead of a dj

8k for honeymoon - five weeks in various locations.

SheWoreBlueVelvet Fri 21-Jun-19 16:44:54

South of France. Hired a villa with an infinity pool and jacuzzi for four nights for the ceremony and single girls to stay in £1,800.
Dress, new but imported from the states £600, jackets and new boots for groom and ushers £350.
Flights £430 for us and immediate family. £300 for drinks for the ceremony ( and guests using the pool in the nights before and after)
Reception £5,200 including all alcohol, pre drinks and canapés.
£400 for taxis and £80 for entrance to an attraction for guests the day after.
We stayed in the villa one night plus had a honeymoon hotel for a few nights which came to another £800.
So maybe £11,000?
It was a short engagement and we were curtailed by the school holidays so it was the nicest thing we could think of for an October wedding.

Cotswoldmama Fri 21-Jun-19 21:55:55

About £4000! I bought my dress from eBay got married in a beautiful garden nearly for about £800 it had an orangery where drinks were served to guests whilst photos where taken. My dad paid for the drinks. A friend is a photographer and did mates rates £300. We hired a hall in a masons building and they had catering which we used the buffet was about £15 a head and we paid for 100 my stepdad paid for the champagne but after that guest bought their own drinks from the bar. My Nan made my cake and her friend iced it. My mother in law did the flowers. I only had two bridesmaids and they were children so their outfits were about £30 each. My husbands suit cost about £150 as did his best mans. The last two weddings I attended were rumoured to have cost £30,000.
We spent what we could afford but I'm not sure we would have spent much more if we had it as we prioritised going up the next step in the property ladder.

RandomMess Fri 21-Jun-19 22:15:43


SamStephens Fri 21-Jun-19 22:24:51

First wedding was the equivalent of £32k - but that included our wedding rings and a small cheap honeymoon to Fiji. Our photographer was free as we’d won the package as a lucky door prize at a wedding expo. Less than 35 guests but we did the whole ceremony, reception and photos at the one place (sort of a country club vibe in some vineyards) in winter and paid for everyone’s accomodation and breakfast the next morning. We had extras we probably didn’t need like a lolly buffet, a “crazy” booth for candid pics, a 4 string band, etc.

Second wedding we eloped for £1k equivalent went “glamping” for a long weekend, hired a local celebrant and a cheap local photographer, only had MIL and SIL there as witnesses (last minute decision otherwise I’d have nabbed some willing campers or locals) and a fish’n’chip lunch afterwards by the beach.

I preferred wedding #2 on that alone.

WinterWife Fri 21-Jun-19 22:25:45

About £4,000. Small and intimate and didn't want to break the bank for one day although I don't blame people who do want to spend a lot more on their weddings. Each to their own.

Expressedways Fri 21-Jun-19 22:26:57

About £50k not including the honeymoon. Church wedding followed by a hotel ballroom reception for 120. Most of the money went on food and drink. Of course you don’t need to spend that much to have a lovely day though!

yomommasmomma Fri 21-Jun-19 22:32:23

Ours was approx 80k, my parents paid, it was amazing!! Weddings on every budget are generally amazing.

Lonecatwithkitten Sat 22-Jun-19 06:50:30

At our original venue we were looking at around 20K we have changed venue for non-monetary reasons and are now looking at about 12K.

ooooohbetty Sat 22-Jun-19 07:14:47

Mine was about 12k. Not including honeymoon but I saw that as just our holiday for that year that we would have paid for anyway so didn't include it in wedding money.

Onemorefortheroad Sun 23-Jun-19 14:27:45

Wow 😮
I think ours will be about £6k all in.

AuntieMarys Sun 23-Jun-19 14:30:43

We got married on a holiday we were going on anyway. So a couple of hundred pounds for paperwork .

Alloftit Sun 23-Jun-19 14:33:12

We get married in 5 weeks. We’re having a church ceremony, big white dress, three bridesmaids, four ushers plus one best man, two flower girls and three page boys. Hired suits for the men:boys in the bridal party, second hand dresses bought for the women/girls. 90 to the ceremony and reception, which is to be a marquee (which we’ve bought and intend to hire out, recoup some costs!) with a three course sit down meal, welcome drinks and table wine but otherwise cash bar and a further 350 odd guests to the evening, to consist of a live band, plus DJ for later and pasties for supper! It’s costing us about £18k. Massive money and has gone over budget but it’ll be worth it, and like I say, some costs will come back off the back off the marquee hire.

DoraleeRhodes Sun 23-Jun-19 15:39:27

We’re getting married in a few months. Our budget is £5k, but looks like it’ll come in at around £4.5.
Registry office, although we’re very fortunate that our local one is in a castle. Around 70 guests for the day, three course meal plus drinks then about 95 in total for the evening.
We’ve spent out on food and drink but saved in other areas, dress from eBay, supermarket flowers etc

huggybear Sun 23-Jun-19 15:57:01

Not sure but less than 1k

Basketofkittens Sun 23-Jun-19 16:24:13

Ours will be under 4K!

Basketofkittens Sun 23-Jun-19 16:30:45

Church - £200
Reception in the officer’s mess - 4 courses and drinks £2k
My dress etc - 2k
Hair and make up £150
Rings £500

For around 50 guests. Okay it’s probably heading into the 5k territory now! Our parents are paying for everything.

whatthehelldowecare Sun 23-Jun-19 21:41:55

We're still planning atm, getting married in July next year. Our budget is £15000, but I think it will be closer to £17000.. unless HTB asks, then we're right on track budget wise

Thursday452poh Sun 23-Jun-19 21:44:55

Ours was about 6k, dresses - suits, hotel and reception for 50. Cash sum behind the bar for day time and evening (wasn’t fully spent) rooms for our nearest and dearest, cake etc. The full works.
We loved it, wouldn’t change it. Couldn’t justify spending thousands! Honeymoon was about 2k

flissity Mon 24-Jun-19 06:03:43

Ours (next weekend) has came in at about £10k. Incl rings, honeymoon (in UK)
Church wedding, lunch for family (40) lovely modern marquee reception for 170 ish. Evening cheese, bread etc. buffet.
I honestly thought would be less than that, but the marquee was £4K alone!

MaMaMaMySharona Mon 24-Jun-19 09:25:49

Mine is currently looking to be about £13k - this is for a church wedding followed by a reception in a village hall, so very much 'DIY'!

The majority of the cost is coming from the food/drink which is about £6k for 120 day/140 evening.

Brideof2020 Tue 02-Jul-19 20:29:24

Weve budgeted about £5k, but I'm hoping I can get it to about £4k, this isn't including honeymoon though.

MeanMrMustardSeed Tue 02-Jul-19 20:32:44

About £7k, which was right for us. We wanted something nice and to look after our guests but not go crazy. A year later we were able to buy a flat in London, which we wouldn’t have been able to do if we’d spent it all on a wedding.

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