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Hotel wedding and your own child

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lorribell Sat 01-Jun-19 21:53:12

We are having a hotel wedding and all the people who babysit our child will be at the wedding

So you you put your child to bed eventually and the bride and from take turns sitting with them I just don't have a clue what you do in this scenario

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GreenTulips Sat 01-Jun-19 21:54:54

How olds the child?

Babysitter in the room?

MissMoodyMoo Sat 01-Jun-19 21:56:31

Our daughter will be 2 when we get married and I'll just take her buggy and put her in a quiet corner at the reception when she falls asleep. I'll do the same if she needs to nap during the day

burnoutbabe Sat 01-Jun-19 21:56:58

Ask one of the grand parents or aunts /uncles who may head to bed earlier if they would baby sit that night in the hotel? Probably some people who are happy to have an excuse to miss the evening part.

lorribell Sat 01-Jun-19 21:57:45

She will be nearly 6 at the time of wedding

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VanillaLatteAndCake Sat 01-Jun-19 21:58:37

Is the child at nursery? You could ask a known member of staff if they would babysit that night?

GreenTulips Sat 01-Jun-19 21:59:28*Brand%3A%20Brand%20Name&utm_term=sitter&utm_content=Sitters

Bargain compared to a fun night

user1474894224 Sat 01-Jun-19 21:59:45

How old is the child? Can they sleep in a buggy? Can they stay up on a one off event? Our wedding was last Saturday. We finished by 9:30/10:00 because nearly all our friends and family (including us) have kids under 12. And no one likes tired kids running around!! It worked for us. - Alternatively do you have a friend who wouldn't mind sitting in the hotel room with him/her - either an older friend or relative, or someone else who might get tired - I want to say a pregnant friend but don't want to be flamed for it from pregnant ladies who want to party all night. You could take a laptop and movie. Are there a few kids and could you put them in a side room with a movie and DVD for 'sleep over' moving them later?

katmarie Sat 01-Jun-19 21:59:45

Our ds was 3 months old when we got married. My mum took him home at about 10.30, by which time he'd been asleep a good hour despite the reception happening around him. Had they stayed in the hotel with us she would have taken him up to their room about then and stayed with him. But she isn't a big drinker and she doesn't do late nights anyway so that suited her, and of course was really kind of her to do. You need a member of the wedding party or a paid babysitter who will be willing to take over at a suitable time.

negomi90 Sat 01-Jun-19 22:00:11

Surely all the people who normally babysit will graciously do 30mins each sitting with the child so the bride and groom can enjoy their wedding. If there's one night they shouldn't have to worry about childcare, it should be that.

Youngandfree Sat 01-Jun-19 22:00:14

@ the age of 6 I would suspect you would struggle to get her to go to bed (i know my 6 yr old dd would never want to leave a party)😂 I would let her keep going untill she admitted defeat 😂😂🙈

unexpectedthird Sat 01-Jun-19 22:01:53

My six year old has been the last person on the dancefloor at the most recent weddings she's been to.

I reckon it will be grand. I'm sure that, if your daughter needs a break/downtime/nap, a relative would be happy to pop up to the hotel room with her for a bit.

lorribell Sat 01-Jun-19 22:03:53

That's good to know that yours stayed up. And no al my relatives will not be appropriately sober to take on such duties plus I don't trust anyone apart from the one couple aka grandparent that we use

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luckygreeneyes Sat 01-Jun-19 22:05:36

We took one of the staff from after school club, booked her a room and she had the kids with her overnight

C0untDucku1a Sat 01-Jun-19 22:06:19

I have taken my children to weddings aged 6 and they just stay up dancing until midnight.

You need to not be drunk though!

Fourandthedog Sat 01-Jun-19 22:08:20

We paid a member of nursery staff to be the nanny. It was money well spent!

MyNewBearTotoro Sat 01-Jun-19 22:10:19

Will there be other children there? Could a friend or relative with similarly aged children have her for one night and sell it to her as a sleepover?

If that wouldn’t work and she needs to sleep at the hotel I’d let her stay up late and then see if there are any other relatives staying who might be happy to go to bed and sit with her when it gets too late for her to stay awake any longer - probably at around 10ish. Depending on the layout of the hotel and whether it’s booked just for your wedding or will have other guests it might be possible to put her to bed and take a baby monitor to keep an eye on her but obviously there are lots of scenarios which make that a risky idea. I think asking a relative who isn’t likely to want to stay up very late drinking to sit with her after around 10pm is probably your best bet.

Plainandsimple Sat 01-Jun-19 22:11:17

Any older relatives going who will be happy to leave the party earlier and sit with your child once they’re in bed?

MyHomey Sat 01-Jun-19 22:13:19

My DSD was 7 at our wedding and we expected her and her cousins (10 and 4) to probably just fall asleep on a chair at some point, but they actually all stayed up and partied with the rest of us! I expect this may be the case with yours smile
Have a wonderful day!

Teddybear45 Sat 01-Jun-19 22:17:23

Maybe this is an Indian thing, but my neice has always been expected to go to evening receptions with us and if she was tired we’d let her sleep across two chairs. However from 5 she was usually far too excited to sleep and with this being your wedding I bet your DD will be so wired you’ll need to drag her to bed!

mintich Sat 01-Jun-19 22:19:13

I hired babysitters for my wedding so they put the kids to bed and stayed with them until we got back to the room

lorribell Sat 01-Jun-19 22:22:48

Thank you for all your ideas I'm in Northern Ireland so we don't really have babysitting services like that and the nursery staff wouldn't do it either but good suggestions

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coffeeaddiction Sat 01-Jun-19 22:26:05

Every wedding I have been to that have has the bride and grooms children have just had late nights and stayed up Til the end .
My 5 year old niece fell asleep on some chairs and was very comfortable !

DameSylvieKrin Sat 01-Jun-19 22:28:02

All the weddings I’ve been to the kids stay up and end up falling asleep across some chairs somewhere.

xyzandabc Sat 01-Jun-19 22:28:39

At 6, either they stay up because it's all do exciting. Or if they are flagging, find a sofa in the corner, or even stick 4 dining chairs together, pop some coats on them, she'll sleep there.

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