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Wedding gift lists

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shhhhs Wed 06-Feb-19 19:49:36

After some reassurance! Getting married this year and hubby to be wants to put one of those 'money for honeymoon' poems with the invites. The whole idea of gift lifts/money poems just makes me cringe so much, I'd rather request nothing, but as it has been pointed out already, by doing that we may end up with 100 photo frames we really don't have space for! And of course our friends and family just being there is more than enough but I think most people like to give something?? Hellllllllp.

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AliceRR Wed 06-Feb-19 19:53:37

What’s your question?

I think any kind of gift list or poem asking for money is granny and cheeky.

The only way I ever thought was ok was a friend of mine had a gift list at John Lewis but she only told me about when I asked if there was anything in particular she’d like as a gift.

We didn’t ask for anything and found most people gave us cash or a voucher anyway so think ending up with 100 photo frames is a myth.

I think most people do like to give something but personally I find it cheeky to be asked. If they ask you and you say you’d prefer money or a gift voucher I think that’s ok.

anniehm Wed 06-Feb-19 20:15:49

Rather than a poem which is particularly cringeworthy, how about a simple statement that you are only wanting their presence but if people wish to contribute towards your honeymoon you are most grateful. We had no list and didn't mention gifts, we got a few cooking items but mostly money or gift vouchers, no photo frames at all!

Lochroy Wed 06-Feb-19 23:38:53

I definitely prefer to give something rather than pour money into an anonymous pot, however I'd also rather get something the couple want rather than random tat like yet another picture frame, to use the above example.

One couple I know were able to set up an online wish list for various activities on their honeymoon and actually I thought that was brilliant. It was still just us giving them cash in reality, but we knew we'd paid their entry to a specific tourist attraction and they sent us a picture of them at it afterwards which I thought was a win-win. Could you do the same?

shhhhs Thu 07-Feb-19 13:46:22

Thanks for the advice, all lovely ways mentioned, I love the honeymoon activities one especially, not one we can really use as our honeymoon is going to be pretty low key but it has helped make up my mind that I am going to make no mention of gifts/money funds. If people ask, I will then say. I am feeling more confident about this decision now smile

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AliceRR Thu 07-Feb-19 15:52:16

Good luck with it OP

Cliveybaby Fri 08-Feb-19 13:15:16

Eugh not a poem but we asked for money for our honeyoon if people really wanted to give us something. Most people did, although we also got 5 sets of champagne flutes, 4 of which went straight on ebay...

Cliveybaby Fri 08-Feb-19 13:15:57

although actually we said honeymoon and house renovation, because we'd just moved

MsSquiz Fri 08-Feb-19 13:22:07

We used prezola for our gift list. You can choose items, have charitable donations to a charity of your choice or have "vouchers" for "dinner for 2 on the beach" or "cocktails at sunset."

To me it was better than just asking for money towards your honeymoon (but that's exactly what you do get!) and it made it easier to write in thank you cards "dear X & Y, thank you for the gift of dinner on the beach. We had a lovely evening watching the sunset as we ate"

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