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Nervous about friends hen do.

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JKCR2017 Sat 26-Jan-19 21:08:27

Hi all, one of my oldest friends is getting married this summer. I’m stupidly worried about the hen do.. We live 15 miles apart now, which I know isn’t far but we don’t get chance to meet up that often. Plus we have our friends where we now both live
Nos. She has quite a few friends that I’ve never met from her DC’s school. I’m sure they are nice people but I get really nervous around new people. Although we were best friends for years we both now have closer friends we see all the time.

I have social anxiety (as does my friend so she understands). But the whole thing makes me nervous.

Fortunately and coincidentally I only live five minutes away from where they are having the hen do which works out perfect for me as I don’t like venturing too far away and it it means if I decide to have a few drinks a taxi back will be cheap or there is talks of staying there overnight which will also be okay. (I have two DC and don’t get out much). Or if don’t drink, it’s a very short drive home. I also hate travelling. I’m just an anxious mess.

I’m just nervous about new people, going out (it’s been a while), social anxiety, leaving D.C. (which I know is daft as I’ll be a few miles away).

I’ve never actually been on a hen do either.

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SheWoreBlueVelvet Sun 27-Jan-19 16:43:46

I don’t think many people relish the idea of meeting a group of people they don’t know. It’s stressful regardless.

However nothing is really expected of you on a Hen Do .You are just there to support your friend and make sure she is having fun. It’s not a dinner party where you need to be witty or interesting or an office do where you have to remember everyone’s name and be polite.
I would try and enjoy a night without the DC. It gives you a new outlook the next day when you get back to the routine.

user1474894224 Mon 28-Jan-19 12:22:10

Why not tell your friend you're feeling a little anxious as you won't know anyone. Is it possible for her to invite you and one other person going to coffee before hand just so that you will know another friendly face. (If she's that good a friend she will understand and do this).

Miane Mon 28-Jan-19 12:28:13

Hen dos are a great way to meet new people because you already have something in common. You have a mutual friend (so the chances that you’ll like each other are pretty good) and you aren’t short of small talk because it’s going to be about the forthcoming wedding or other people’s funny wedding stories/hen night stories.

You might even make some new friends! Remember you won’t be he only one feeling a bit nervous.

I know it’s nerve wracking but best of luck flowers

JKCR2017 Mon 28-Jan-19 18:35:36

Thank you. I think there will
Also be a few people I know there - old friends, my friends Mum etc but I still get nervous around new people but I’ll just have to be brave 😊

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