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Who's getting married this year? 2019 Brides

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tanitani Wed 16-Jan-19 08:26:13

I'm getting married in March - just for fun would love to hear from other 2019 brides.
I've been a lurker for a while but first time posting.

If your wedding's soon, how do you feel? Does it feel real yet?
What are you nervous about?

Best wishes to everyone getting married! grin

samanthalou Wed 16-Jan-19 14:10:51

Me smile
December this year. I'm not at the worrying stage yet, i know i have a lot to sort but i've must moved in with HTB and enjoying the first month or so of that first.

The only thing I am nervous about at the moment is my bridesmaid dresses... I can't decide on actual bridesmaids let alone what they are going to wear haha smile

Can you answer your qestions @tanitani please as i'd like to know how you feel and what you are nervous about with it being very close!

Much love xx

tanitani Wed 16-Jan-19 14:21:17

We live in Japan, husband is Japanese and I’m british so lots of things done differently!
It’s been interesting!

I’m most nervous about people staring at me and being the focus all day!
Also doing lots of things in another language.

Also nervous about walking in heels all day.

Not having bridesmaids in terms of walking down the aisle before me etc., do you have a shortlist? Do you want to do lots of bridesmaids or just have a few?

samanthalou Wed 16-Jan-19 14:41:40


I think that's so exciting! I love learning about weddings in other cultures/countries and what is done differently smile

I've already asked my best friend to be my MOH and her husband is my HTB's Best Man. I think i'm asking my 2 x teenage cousins and my other cousin who i'm very close to.

My DB and SIL live in Australia and are only coming home 2 days before the wedding and asking her to be bridesmaid is a logistical nightmare! She's happy to help out on the day though along with another close friend who has already said she doesn't want the bridesmaid role but will help out (she doesnt like attention and offering her a bridesmaid role will just stress her out).

I think it's just the thoughts that if i ask such a person then another person will be annoyed etc so i'm trying to keep it simple.

That turned into a long post lol! sorry x

tanitani Wed 16-Jan-19 15:05:02

Haha that’s okay!

I have a MOH and bridal party but mostly to get ready together and have fun. Once the ceremony starts that’s it really - but MOH will be also translating various things!

I can imagine! I think you just have to do what’s going to make you happy and enjoy the day - not to ask anyone because you feel you “should”.

Are you doing a hen party/bridal shower thing?

samanthalou Wed 16-Jan-19 15:46:02

I had the conversation with my HTB at the weekend. He doesnt want a traditional stag do (he doesnt drink) so he is thinking of going go-karting or paintballing.

I am having 3 hen parties smile Because my cousins are teens, and i have a little brother who's 13 who i am very close to, i have decided to arrange a day out for the "younger" ones and going trampolining at a jump place in town, then an escape room and out for a meal.

My second hen will be with my female relatives (mum, step-mum and MIL etc) and will be nice meal and maybe a cocktail/champage bar

The third one is an ABBA themed one with my friends and SIL etc - you get to go and learn dances to ABBA songs and dress up and then go out dancing afterwards.

I know it seems excessive, but i want to make sure that i enjoy the time spent with my family and friends and i am coinciding them with my birthday celebrations and my relatives birthdays as well so that it all ties in and we have the time to do it.

Plus, i've never had a birthday party or any kind of party and apart from my wedding evening reception/party it's kind of catching up on 34 years of missed parties haha smile

tanitani Thu 17-Jan-19 04:34:26

That sounds great! I like how you’ve incorporated something for everyone - but still having fun yourself.
Have as many as you like!

The ABBA one sounds so much fun!!!

I asked my husband (processed the legal side just haven’t had the ceremony yet so I refer to him as my husband) and they don’t really do stag/hen parties here.

Think I’ll have a bridal shower but still not sure what I want to do, I quite like chilling at home so something along those lines!

How did you find choosing your dress? Was it easy or tricky?

HoneyBee03 Thu 17-Jan-19 10:45:55

Hi! I'm getting married in August smile it's exciting, and now Christmas is out of the way doesn't it feel like it's so soon?

Our wedding is pretty laid back - ceremony at the registry office on the Friday followed by the pub, then the reception in our local village hall on the Saturday followed by an afterparty at a really cool venue so that we can continue into the early hours.

I've got my dress. I saw it on Chi Chi, ordered it, tried it on and loved it so that was done and dusted very quickly! And I don't wear heels so I have a lovely pair of cream lace type Toms. So comfy and I'll wear them again!

Still got lots to do, need to email out the invites soon. But we've decided that a rule for us and all our guests is that if something is too stressful - forget about it. Hopefully it keeps the relaxed vibe!!

I hope the planning is going well for all of you!

tanitani Thu 17-Jan-19 10:49:39


Love the no-stress rule! I had had to do many things for friends’ weddings before that I didn’t want to do, but had to because it was their wedding. Wear a suit to my friend’s wedding, do my hair this way etc and even though it was their wedding that’s fair enough, I didn’t want anyone to be unhappy in an outfit or doing a role! If they really didn’t want to do it, I wanted them to not have to.

I love the toms idea! Was tempted to sneak converse in - how would my husband even know?
But decided to brave the heels anyway - I figured all day I’ll be holding onto someone’s arm so should help with the balance!

Shoxfordian Thu 17-Jan-19 10:51:39

Hello! I'm getting married on 1 February! Its a registry office then going to a restaurant after wedding. Trying to drop a few kilos for my dress but all very exciting. Can't believe it's only 2 weeks away!

Having a civilised afternoon tea hen on Saturday then a drinking less civilised one on 26th grin

tanitani Thu 17-Jan-19 10:56:43


Oh my goodness so soon! Congratulations!! I love that low key intimate style - what restaurant did you choose for after? Will you go just you two or with friends?

Shoxfordian Thu 17-Jan-19 11:02:19

Thank you!
This is the restaurant

We have about 60 of us for the meal and another 30ish in the evening but keeping it all quite relaxed. Not doing favours and my friend is making the cake. Super excited about it now grin

samanthalou Thu 17-Jan-19 11:17:55

You sound like me, i love chilling at home. I would go with a little get together with your bridal party, have buffet food and little games smile

My dress was one of the easiest parts of the wedding!

I went to 2 x different places to try on dresses and just wasn't keen (i'm plus size and all the samples were a size 12 or less) and no matter how hard i tried, i couldnt get over them having to tack the dresses to my underwear as there was no way i was squeezing into them.

My brother got married last August so me and my mum went to a small bridal shop looking at bridesmaid dresses early last year. Whilst we were there I was chatting to the owner and she said I could try dresses on if i wanted whilst i was there.

I picked 3 and my mum picked 1 and she asked me to try hers on first.

I fell in love with it the minute i put it on. all her samples are a size 10-20 so trying on a dress that actually fit was lovely!

My mum burst into tears and i did and that was that!

Here is a pic of the back ... its not something i would have picked myself but it is amazing (if i do say so lol).

Shoxfordian Thu 17-Jan-19 11:44:52

Your dress is lovely @samanthalou

samanthalou Thu 17-Jan-19 11:50:11

Thank you @Shoxfordian - I originally wanted tea length, with elbow length sleeves, really plain and no sparkles lol.

Shoxfordian Thu 17-Jan-19 11:52:04

I wanted a black dress and ended up with a sparkly ivory one, really hard to know what you want until you try things

tanitani Thu 17-Jan-19 12:07:01


That sounds really nice. My wedding is definitely bigger than I wanted people wise but we looked at cutting people and everyone is either someone we really want to be there, or work related. (Various important japanese culture things)
And you’re right - I did pick a dress that was the kind of thing I already liked, but was also considering a big ball gown which I didn’t think I’d want. It was too fussy to move on so I picked the other one.

@samanthalou that’s what I’m thinking! Tempted to just have tea (lots of tea) and cake! Or pizza......haha. I like hearing from other wives about their experiences. The other wives shared funny anecdotes and cute advice at my friend’s bridal shower. It was lovely.

tanitani Thu 17-Jan-19 12:08:52

This is my dress! I love lace. Wasn’t gonna go with a tiara but they put it on my head and that was it.

Shoxfordian Thu 17-Jan-19 12:19:49

Your dress is lovely too! I'll see if I can edit my face out of mine to share it

Shoxfordian Thu 17-Jan-19 12:23:59

Here it is

Ignore the ribbon coming down the side, that's been removed

tanitani Thu 17-Jan-19 12:33:29

@Shoxfordian I like it! I like the floaty grecian style mixed in with the sparkle!

Shoxfordian Thu 17-Jan-19 12:36:48

Thanks grin

samanthalou Thu 17-Jan-19 12:58:28

They are both stunning! smile

Shoxfordian Thu 17-Jan-19 13:25:36

smile thanks

HoneyBee03 Fri 18-Jan-19 14:07:59

Oh your dresses are all beautiful!! And so soon @Shoxfordian! Congrats, you must be excited. Your wedding day sounds lovely.

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