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Church flowers

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MaMaMaMySharona Mon 10-Dec-18 14:12:05

Hi all,

We've decided to ask the church to provide flowers (they advised that they had contacts who arranged this for them) so this isn't being done by the same people doing our bouquets/buttonholes etc.

Can anyone share what kind of flowers they had in the church? I don't want anything too much - mostly for price reasons - but I also don't want it to be completely bare.

Any advice would be hugely appreciated smile

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ErrolTheDragon Mon 10-Dec-18 14:43:29

What time of year?

MaMaMaMySharona Mon 10-Dec-18 14:57:02

Beginning of October Errol

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Popsicle434544 Mon 10-Dec-18 16:38:37

I was quoted £185 for church flowers and they have to be left behind, once of lady's who runs our church toddler told me not to bother because the church always has flowers either side at the front.
So iv got some tulle which cost (£1.99 from ebay) and making my own sash type things for pew ends and will tie a single silk rose into each (3.99 ebay)

LadyOfTheCanyon Tue 11-Dec-18 06:51:25

I'll be perfectly honest ( I'm a florist!) - unless the church is a very plain 60s/70s build with very little detail I don't think people really notice.

At the ceremony people are looking at you and listening to the vows/sermon/readings/singing hymns. Flowers are just visual background noise.

Like anything, however, there are varying degrees of 'nice' in church flowers. They are usually done by volunteers out of their own money, so they often are a bit sparse and scratchy looking. ( not being judgemental- flowers are expensive to do well.)

If you've had a look at what is normally there and are happy with how it is I would let it be. Have a word with the church to see if they can do anything in neutral or 'your' colours for the day of your wedding. There may be other weddings that day in which case you may have to agree on a colour scheme between you.

MaMaMaMySharona Tue 11-Dec-18 09:27:59

LadyOfTheCanyon unfortunately it isn't a very pretty church - it's all very beige inside with a red ceiling. But at the same time, we're only going to be there for maximum of an hour so I don't want to spend too much money here (as awful as that sounds!)

Popsicle434544 I love this idea, might have a look into it! When are you allowed in to decorate?

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loveiseverything Wed 12-Dec-18 23:53:36

Our lovely vicar has suggested that they choose that weekends church flowers in the colour scheme of our wedding costing us absolutely nothing for our church flowers. What a blessing

Littlelambpeep Wed 12-Dec-18 23:57:13

I bought lanterns and the florist added greenery and some cream flowers. They were on all the little windows in the church. Two large displays either side of the altar. Ours cost 600 though including bouquets etc

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