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Any 2020 Brides Out There?

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Mummyme87 Tue 04-Dec-18 19:25:09


Just wondering if there are any 2020 brides out there?

I have 11th April 2020 (Easter Saturday) booked. So excited.

Venue booked (ceremony and reception), in house caterers (initial appt 1st April 2019), photographers booked, had a cake baker booked but she has cancelled due to relocation so will get back on that in January. I’ve been in touch with hair and make up artist, also florist is pencilled in, will make a consultation appt after Christmas. Favours organised but not paid for yet. Wedding rings ordered. Think that’s it for now.

Mummyme87 Tue 04-Dec-18 19:25:56

Oh and met a stationer for invitations, again will get on that in the new year.

GrandTheftWalrus Tue 04-Dec-18 21:26:30

I'm hoping to be a 2020 bride. Just need to get something agreed and hopefully start booking.

BramRang Tue 04-Dec-18 23:41:00

Me! 30th May 2020 - absolutely nothing booked yet besides the venue. Got a lot of time on my hands all of a sudden, though, so the planning is very much underway. You are so organised OP, how long has you been engaged to have got all that done?!

RavenLG Tue 04-Dec-18 23:48:10

06.06.2020 venue, celebrant and photographers booked. Started talks with caterers but we’ve had a lot on so dropped off a bit. Hoping to get our friends band for the evening reception. DP is making save the dates and I’ve started planning diy invites. We’re doing all the decor ourselves so already started collecting. Will be asking friend florist to do small floral arrangements. We will most likely be making our own wedding rings so will be booking that next year. Have looked at make up / hair but I have horrid anxiety about hair dressers so not sure how I’ll cope with that and I’m really fussy with my make up so I might end up doing it myself lol.

Mummyme87 Wed 05-Dec-18 07:33:34

bramrang engaged march 2016 but only booked wedding in May this year then just slowly started contacting suppliers, have been to a few wedding fayres in September and went to the national wedding show.
I was keen to get some things booked in as it’s Easter weekend and some suppliers get booked up early. Plus means we can pay deposits early to get a bit of cash paid out

Mummyme87 Wed 05-Dec-18 07:35:04

When are people planning to start wedding dress shopping? I’m thinking March time which is just over a year pre wedding.
Need to lose weight though! Two babies down (youngest 10m) and I need to stop eating cake

batshitbetty Wed 05-Dec-18 19:43:45

Me! Don't know date yet as we are still looking at venues 🤦‍♀️

BramRang Thu 06-Dec-18 17:28:52

Did you find the wedding fayres useful? I tend to find wandering around places with stalls quite overwhelming and tend to forget what I've seen.

I've tried on a few dresses already and am pretty sure of the style - the next question is if I try to find one I like in a bridal boutique or if I ask my mum and Grandma to make it for me bI need to lose weight before I can get measured though! Will probably try my best until about April time and then try to maintain for the next year...--wishful thinking--.

Mummyme87 Thu 06-Dec-18 18:09:29

Some fayres were useful, I got a wedding ring home appt booked at one and ended up buying from them. Had a chat with a florist at another which was helpful. The national wedding show was very helpful

SnipSnipMrBurgess Thu 06-Dec-18 18:25:11

Me! Haven't a specific date but either April or August. I'm panicked about the whole thing!

MammaGnomes Fri 07-Dec-18 20:15:31

Me!!! We're having an overseas wedding in August. Save the dates are going out this weekend. I'm not sending formal invites instead I'm doing a website for people to RSVP to and all the info will be on there.Dress shopping in Feb.
We have a wedding planner who will arrange most of it

dementedma Fri 07-Dec-18 20:18:30

DD2 is getting married in March 2020. Venue booked and dress already bought! It needs some alterations (straps and neckline altered) but otherwise very happy with it.

Tillypea Mon 10-Dec-18 19:51:38

@RavenLG snap. Our wedding day will also be 6.6.2020 smile

Nothing booked except the venue which we'll be having both the ceremony and reception at. I'm thankful that we have a photographer and cake maker in the family so that's two things already sorted!

We're planning on buying our wedding rings 6.6.19 so exactly a year before the day, and wedding dress shopping next Spring. I really need to get into shape first!

Mummyme87 Mon 10-Dec-18 22:06:54

tillypea I also need to get into shape. Must lose weight. I’m not dress shopping until I do

Going to get on save the dates in the New year. Will get some log slice magnets from Etsy

hellhavenofury Mon 17-Dec-18 14:15:03

I got engaged last month & I have booked my wedding for 23rd May 2020. (I already knew exactly where I wanted) The venue organise a lot for me so they are catering, meeting booked to discuss menus mid next year. They have booked the disco for me, I have booked the band, some good friends of ours who have performed for us at other occasions. I am booked to go to a dress fashion show in January and will book appointment then (I have an idea of the dress I want from this shop). Also my venue is having a wedding fayre in February which I will go too. Its all exciting :-)

Mummyme87 Wed 09-Jan-19 07:10:38

We have had some sample Save the Dates sent to us, we will get them sent out in the next month or so.
Arranging cake consultation and a hair and make up trial also.
Eeeek. We get married next year

BramRang Sun 13-Jan-19 18:34:55

Eek! So excited that it's now next year! How's the planning coming on?

I've had to have a guest list rethink as I've been to a few family events recently and would like to invite some distant family members I had forgotten about so am thinking of switching to no children to accommodate that...

I'm not sure I really understand save the dates v traditional invitations. How long is too far in advance to send invitations? I want to send them now-ish (seeing as we know venue and date!) as almost everyone will have to travel, but that's almost 18 months in advance and my mum keeps telling me it is a bit ridiculous... so maybe save the dates are better? But then we have all the details for a full invite...

I used to think people were mad to get stressed about planning a wedding!

Mummyme87 Sun 13-Jan-19 18:58:18

We are doing Save the Dates and will send them next month for an April 2020 wedding. Invitations we will send out I reckon July time.

We are just finalising our guest list.
Also looking for a band. Everything I like is mega bucks.

Onemorefortheroad Tue 15-Jan-19 21:31:20

Me 🙋‍♀️

Booked for 28.03.20. Tight budget wedding...

Venue booked, DJ booked, photographer sorted (family friend), make up can't be booked until a year before.

Trying to decide if we an justify a videographer and whether we make our own centrepieces etc or pay. We really need chair covers for venue as chairs are pretty old fashioned but not sure if that's easy enough to do on our own!

Flowers will be sorted nearer the time but keeping it simple.

Aiming to lose a stone before we go dress shopping but failing miserably!

Mummyme87 Tue 15-Jan-19 23:36:07

Also not doing dresses until some weight is off. Joined slimming world, was doing well but it’s been mine and my youngest boys birthday this week so cake, food out and Prosecco!

Ordered save the dates yesterday, booked in cake consultation for Feb aswell

Mummyme87 Sat 19-Jan-19 09:50:28

Our save the dates have arrived. Absolutely love them! CNt wait to send them out

Onemorefortheroad Sat 19-Jan-19 19:45:33

Aw ours arrived this morning at 7am!

Exciting grin

Also went to a cake tasting event last night but far far too much choice!

LOTR Mon 21-Jan-19 16:17:19

Me!! Booked church and reception for 15.8.2020. Started talking to caterers and meeting the photographer on Saturday for a coffee. My aunt is making the cake, Dp's stepmum is making all save the dates and invitations and a DJ friend is getting a mate to do the music.

Need to lose some weight but planning to go and start looking at styles that suit me in a month...not planning on looking seriously for months though!

Researching flowers and alcohol people next...

Mummyme87 Mon 21-Jan-19 17:12:05

I just emailed a bridal shop to ask when they would recommend dress trying on and she was telling me Feb has availability! I need to lose 2 stone forst

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