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Wedding make up

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frecklefox Tue 13-Nov-18 13:13:49

We're getting married in August. I've just googled local make up artists... and they want how much?! shock

According to the sites I looked at today after a Google search, the going rate seems to be £110 on the day and £70 for a trial - and that's just for the bride.

What did you do about wedding make up, and do these prices sound daft or is that actually how much it costs? I don't wear much make up and don't really know what I'm doing when I do!

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UnaOfStormhold Tue 13-Nov-18 13:31:39

I nipped up the road to a department store beauty counter and got nice makeup done for the price of an eyeshadow and lipstick (which I took away). I mentioned that I was going to a wedding but didn't mention it was mine! As someone who also rarely wears makeup I wouldn't have minded paying a bit but not the crazily inflated prices charged for bridal makeup.

thinkingcapon Tue 13-Nov-18 13:34:29

It depends whereabouts in the country you are op ?

MaMaMaMySharona Tue 13-Nov-18 13:51:23

This is about what I'm paying - and I'm also paying for my 5 bridesmaids and mum to have theirs done. It's costing me about £600! shock

frecklefox Tue 13-Nov-18 14:21:03

Thanks everyone! Una thats a great idea!

Thinkingcap we're on the Dorset/Hampshire border smile

Sharona shock I hope it looks really brilliant on the day!

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thinkingcapon Tue 13-Nov-18 17:24:09

Too far away from me then I'm afraid. I'm a mua and charge half that price! X

paap1975 Wed 14-Nov-18 10:14:41

Wow, weems a bit steep. I paid €45 for a trial session + the big day. Rural location in France though.
Eeveryone else did their own, but I was worried I'd be too nervous and I didn't want to put pressure on a friend to do it.

Fortheloveofscience Wed 14-Nov-18 10:19:19

I paid £500 for hair and makeup for me and 2 bridesmaids on the day, and trial was £100. It was worth every penny - I am hopeless and knowing that I looked my absolute best gave me so much more confidence to enjoy the ‘spectacle’ part of the day, being the centre of attention with everyone looking at me. Plus she was a really lovely lady, totally professional and absolutely chilled so we had a really relaxing, enjoyable morning getting ready.

Cassia90 Wed 14-Nov-18 11:06:40

I paid just over £500 for me, 6 bridesmaids and mother of the bride x I think when you add up the time and all the materials they use, products, cleaning etc. It isn't too unreasonable but adding the word wedding always increases the price unfortunately x

Mummyme87 Wed 14-Nov-18 12:14:11

I’m getting married in Hampshire and prices I’m looking at are similar.
Packages about £500-600 for bridal trial and on the day, 3 bridesmaids, MOB and complimentary flower girl hair

Miyajima98 Wed 14-Nov-18 18:14:22

Went and had a trial in a department store to pick up tips and doing it myself! Do you have any friends who are good at it? I don't think it's worth that kind of money personally. I would rather treat myself to a few nice products you can keep afterwards and do it myself or helped by a friend. xx

frecklefox Wed 14-Nov-18 18:33:26

Thank you everyone! I might get some decent make up and tips from a department store and attempt it myself...

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Mummyme87 Wed 14-Nov-18 18:45:59

Yeah I’m shit with doing my own make up and wouldn’t want to be stressed on the day

Cliveybaby Thu 15-Nov-18 10:13:08

I had a boots no7 "make up consultation". Took my sister (who is fairly good at it) and had an hour's lesson!

Cliveybaby Thu 15-Nov-18 10:14:05

So to answer the question - I'm doing my own (with my sister's help). Free but I spent £30 on some new makeup.

frecklefox Fri 16-Nov-18 10:25:43

Cliveybaby that's a great idea, I'll see if they offer something like that locally!

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