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West Brewery Wedding

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NibbleOnThat Sun 11-Nov-18 20:13:41

Calling all Glasgow future/past brides!

Are any of you booked to have your wedding at West Brewery or has anyone been to a wedding there?

I have my heart 90% set on having our wedding here so would like to hear any stories that you can share smile

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DexyMidnight Wed 14-Nov-18 23:46:53

Try google searching (images) and you should find some professional photos and from there links to blog posts uploaded by photographers who've shot weddings there. Will give you some ideas for decor etc and if you like the photographers' work then you can speak to them in person / phone about what worked and didn't etc.

It's one of those venues that needs a more eclectic / artsy / stylish photographers - a normal wedding photographer won't capture the essence of it at all.

Also think carefully about dress. I just can't imagine a sweetheart strapless gown there, iyswim? And flowers. If you want roses with a diamonte pinned in the middle go elsewhere.

Hth xx

DameBurleyChassis Wed 28-Nov-18 00:31:07

I’ve been to a wedding there. Lovely venue and fantastic atmosphere. The food was really good.

I definitely agree re. photographer - your bog standard wedding photographer won’t cut it.

The bride and groom were quite quirky so it was a great fit for them. No faff, lots of fun and if you can overlook how hipster it can be, it’s a perfect venue.

TakeAChanseyOnMe Fri 30-Nov-18 14:59:15

My friend was at a reception there and loved it. I’ve only heard good things. I had a very small wedding so we didn’t look at it. It’d be great for photos, both with the park and the Venitian style building.

Any other venues you’ve had in mind? I’d have had our wedding at House for an Art Lover if we were having more guests.

I can highly recommend the photographer we used if you like more casual/relaxed photos - Julie Broadfoot.

AgentProvocateur Fri 30-Nov-18 15:10:45

I’ve been to two weddings there - both were great.

NibbleOnThat Thu 06-Dec-18 20:22:13

Thanks all for your replies.

Will also look up the photographer smile

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BaileysOnToast Thu 27-Dec-18 17:28:53

Went to a wedding there last year, it was a cracking venue. Wasn't there all day but everyone praised the meal. Seating all round the dance floor and decent drinks.

Great photo opportunities but I think you need to apply to get photos taken Glasgow green / peoples palace.

If it's September check when the proms are on as that limits photo ops.

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