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There goes the live band... only allowed non-amplified music at wedding - help!

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WTAFIGO Mon 05-Nov-18 14:45:31

Grateful for any help on this:

I am having a smallish wedding of around 40 - 60 people. We have found a lovely pub to have the reception in but I am a bit worried about entertainment after dinner as the group is quite small. I thought a good way of getting people in the party mood would be to have a live band as they tend to get people on their feet and have a dance.

However the venue only permits non-amplified music i.e I can have an acoustic band or play an Ppod. Will these be ok? I am not sure that seems energetic enough and think people might be bored. Should I go back to the drawing board and find an alternative venue or does anyone have any ideas of alternative entertainment (or is an iPod playlist fine?) ?

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