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Smoothing underwear

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Maverick66 Thu 27-Sep-18 11:31:39

Dd is getting married.
Her dress is form fitting and silk crepe.
She is an athletic size 10.
She wants something comfortable to wear under her dress that will smooth her muffin tophmm
She is also worried dress may be transparent in strong sunlight.
She needs something that won't show a line through the silk crepe of her dress.
Any suggestions?

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redexpat Thu 27-Sep-18 11:47:11

Either a support body or big support pants in a colour that resembles skin tone, not white. Depends on the style of the dress really

CMOTDibbler Thu 27-Sep-18 11:49:27

The M&S 'wear your own bra' control slip is fantastic as it really smooths everything and doesn't show any bulge lines

Justmuddlingalong Thu 27-Sep-18 11:53:38

I've got this. It is bloody amazing. Supportive, comfy, invisible and hides any problem areas.

Maverick66 Thu 27-Sep-18 14:46:39

Thanks for replies guys.

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