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When to send out wedding invites

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Hedgehuggy Thu 06-Sep-18 21:12:14

Married Nov 2019, save the dates were given out as soon as we set the date in May!! We are considering sending invites out in the new year ready for when people book their holidays at work so we are included in their allowance!! But I fear thats too soon. Looking online it says 4-6 months before but I think thats leaving it too late!! What does everyone think?

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Mummyme87 Thu 06-Sep-18 22:23:25

Personally I think 4months is too late, I prefer 8months notice unless it’s a bank holiday or something then even more like 9-10m

OpenThatTrapDoor Fri 07-Sep-18 07:13:04

We’re getting married Oct ‘19 and planning to send them out in April, any later just feels too late to me, (I’d send them now if I thought I could get away with it) Think we’ll put some sort of save the date in with Christmas cards too.

LadyGAgain Fri 07-Sep-18 07:18:02

You've sent Save the dates so they already know when it is. Easter would be a good time to send. It doesn't matter if you send too early though. People only get anxious when they've saved the date and 3-4 months before still no invitation.

EthelThePiratesDaughter Fri 07-Sep-18 09:16:03

We sent ours out with just under 3 months to go, although everybody had already been told the date. We massively dragged our heels and a few people were getting a bit worried so I would say 6 months before is ideal. We used a company called Rosemood for the invitations, and they were excellent. (I have no connection with the company and I don't gain anything from recommending them, by the way.)

SnuggyBuggy Fri 07-Sep-18 09:19:38

Traditional etiquette is actually 4-6 weeks which was probably fine in the days when all the guests were local and too poor for holidays. It would be ridiculously short notice now of course.

You know your guests OP, consider what arrangements they need to make and try to leave enough time.

meditrina Sat 08-Sep-18 15:05:45

6-12 weeks. You've already informed key guests that they will be invited (and you could add a friendly reminder to Christmas card or other missive).

SpadesOfGlory Sat 08-Sep-18 15:11:45

We got married end of June and sent invites out 6 weeks before. That's fairly normal in NI as far as I'm aware! Every one already knew the wedding date so it's hardly a surprise to anyone

Mummyme87 Sat 08-Sep-18 22:28:32

I guess issues we would have receiving invites so close to the time... save the dates often don’t state who is invited, ie. partners and children, often no actual location if you’re booking hotels and no times.

Our venue wants final numbers 8weeks prior to the date.
Think a lot of it depends on location, time of year, number of guests, venue etc

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