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Wedding Party Music

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89Bus Wed 05-Sep-18 20:02:46

Looking for tips on wedding party music in hindsight from anyone who's done it and has recommendations.

The original idea was just having a live band, however, I myself know that I prefer to dance to more clubby / house music so decided I would like to also have a DJ. So we thought about having a live band for 1.5 hours after the meal and then followed by a DJ after that until the end of the night. This way the band can play a variety of music, some modern and some more classics that the older generation will dance to as well, but then a DJ could play more up-to-date stuff once people get more lively (drunk) etc and older people filter off to sit in the bar lol.

I have been researching bands and can see many who advertise a free DJ service in between live sets... Does anyone have experience of this?? If it's actually good then it might be more cost effective getting a band that provides DJ in between live sets than two separate gigs... but not if it's just a case of them sticking on an iPod.... We would like the DJ part to be good too! We have also been told that most bands expect to play all night and wouldn't play for 1.5 hours only.

Does anyone have experience of having a band and a DJ? And that didn't cost the earth? If so how did you do it and what lessons have you learned? Thank you!

We are based in Greater London area.

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Cliveybaby Thu 06-Sep-18 11:57:40

I've done some research and most bands expect to play two 45minute or 1hr sets.
We have a band doing that, and will give them a playlist of songs to put on when they're not playing.
- it gives my Fiance a chane to get more involved tbh, as the music is one of the things he cares more about!

Racheyg Wed 12-Sep-18 21:35:35

Hi op,

We were also going to go down the live band and dj but after a research just went for just an amazing dj. We will have spotify on throughout the day and dj playing 7.30-1am

I found that most bands just had a laptop and played Spotify. I wanted a dj that mixed.

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