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What happens " the day after"?

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SheWoreBlueVelvet Sun 02-Sep-18 17:55:29

Just reading a Wedding magazine which lists bridesmaids duties such as taking the wedding dress away, bringing the brides going away clothes etc.
How does that work then.
I thought it was just ceremony, reception, couple spend the night in a hotel and meet up with people who are around in the morning.
Interested in what others are planning on doing and what works best from those that have dine it already,

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tillytoodles1 Sun 02-Sep-18 17:59:10

My daughter's getting married on the 15th, but she's sorting out all that stuff herself. Sunday afternoon we're having lunch with anyone who's still around.

catenthusiast Sun 02-Sep-18 18:08:36

When we got married last November we stayed in a local hotel - one of our groomsmen went and checked in for us on the morning of the wedding and dropped a bag off with some jeans and jumpers, and then the morning after we checked out and went for breakfast at my parents' house. Then we popped home to see our cats, picked up our suitcases and drove to the Lake District!

The day after my brother's wedding, my parents, me and my husband and my SIL's mum all went for a Sunday dinner. That was excellent, it had been quite a rowdy one and we all felt much better afterwards! grin

FelixTitling Sun 02-Sep-18 18:14:11

Definitely meet up with people the day after as you'll want to talk about it and see everyone's photos. Especially if you're going on honeymoon pretty much straight away - you might be old news when you get back!

If you are going away, it might be helpful to rope in a few people to return things like suits or any borrowed items.

A phone call to the venue is a good idea to check for any left items etc.

Ideally leave yourself a couple of days before going on honeymoon - you'll be knackered, and it's good to get the thankyou's out the way before you go.

SheWoreBlueVelvet Sun 02-Sep-18 20:43:09

Yes that's sounds sensible FelixTitling. In fact that's how it worked out for us as we are staying in the venue all weekend and not going away until Tuesday.

I was just having a think about clothes and things. I know people often wear another dress for the evening but surely you don't need a going away outfit up until the next day when presumes ly it's in your case.

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happymummy12345 Fri 07-Sep-18 19:21:41

I'm from London but my husband is from Liverpool, which is where we live and got married.
At the time my mum, aunt, brother and sister were away for a week in Blackpool. We had the reception in the function room of the pub my dh worked in at the time, the pub was also a hotel.
My only bridesmaid and her boyfriend stayed at the pub the night before the wedding and the night of it. Dh went back to his parents house. My mum and I were out the night before so we stayed at our flat.
The morning of the wedding, my aunt cane from Blackpool with my siblings. And my dad, stepdad and grandad got the train up from London. Dh's family and friends were local anyway so came that day.
The wedding night, my grandad got a train back (his choice). My mum, stepdad, brother, sister and aunt stayed at our flat. Dh's family could all go home. Best friend and boyfriend stayed at the pub, my dad stayed at the pub, and dh and i stayed at the pub as well.
My aunt took my dress and veil and bouquets back in the car when they went home (I changed into a non bridal reception dress after all formalities).
The next day, everyone at the pub took taxis back to the flat, we opened cards and presents. Then my dad and stepdad got the train back, as did my friend and her boyfriend. The rest of my family drove back (that worked best for to room in the car).
Later my husbands parents came round so we could spend a bit of time with them, as we did with my family. Then they left.
Finally it was time to relax and take it all in, just the two of us.

happymummy12345 Fri 07-Sep-18 19:22:34

Forgot to say, our stuff was already at the hotel. We weren't going away so wasn't much at all..

DollyWilde Fri 07-Sep-18 19:26:15

We woke up at the venue with the ushers and bridesmaids (small amount of rooms which we booked out). Took down the decorations and had a tidy up. Packed the car. Had a nice breakfast with everyone/traded war stories from the night before - so much we’d missed doing the Bride and Groom rounds! Then the friends went for the train and we met up with my parents, sister and her bf and the inlaws for a lovely long pub lunch. Said goodbye to them and left for a local hotel (just a premier inn, but I didn’t fancy staying at mum and dad’s that night!) As it was we actually went and got twatted in the hotel bar, we hadn’t drink much on the wedding day. Went back to the room and I made damn sure we couldn’t get an annulment. 3 times, just to be sure he couldn’t claim otherwise winkgrin

Ah it was 2 months ago and I wish I could do it all again....

fixyourgardengate Fri 07-Sep-18 19:37:27

We stayed at the venue and had breakfast with the family that had stayed too. Then collected up all the stuff left in the marquee (flowers, centre pieces, the seating plan, cards and gifts etc) which my Mum held for us until we visited her to collect.

Drove about 45 mins to the hospital in Bedford where we got changed back into our wedding attire in a building site (hosp was being renovated!) before parading through the ward to find my Gran (who had broken her pelvis and so missed the wedding) and present her with my bouquet.

Then we drove to Scotland for our honeymoon. I have no idea what anyone else did tbh, the venue only had 8 rooms I think so it was just family there, all our friends were in a travel lodge nearby.

11 years ago. Gosh, getting old. Gran is still going strong and a Great Gran now smile

OrdinarySnowflake Fri 07-Sep-18 19:47:07

Tradionally, the bride and groom went away to honeymoon as a big event in the evening reception, so you'd change into your "going away outfit", then go away, your family and friends would continue to party without you.

Now as the bride and groom are more likely go be the hosts of the wedding reception and their parents guests, couples stay to the end, say good bye to their guests, stay over in the hotel if they had a hotel venue reception, then leave for honeymoon the next day or more common now, couple of days later and have informal get together the next day.

So if you are hosting the wedding, staying for the full reception and not "going away", then you don't need all that! (Bit like all the tradions about wedding cars and who goes in which one, who pays etc, when hotel weddings usually have th bride getting ready in the hotel room and just walking downstairs, no car faff needed)

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