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Would you enjoy this wedding?

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IllBeAtTheBarIfYouNeedMe Sat 11-Aug-18 21:55:47

I’ve consumed a reasonable shit load of vodka so I’m feeling brave.

Just wondering if our wedding set up is okay or too slack.

I’m going to be wearing a black dress from ASOS, dp is wearing a biege suit. We’re getting married on an island where we will be living by then but most of the guests don’t.

Starts at 4pm. Only for about 40 people. Beautiful pub/restaurant. Main meal at 5:30pm, diy hot sandwich bar from 9pm. No dj, or photographer. No speeches or first dance. Drinks pre and post wedding. Drinks on table for main meal and open bar after. No favours as such but there will be a make your own/pick and mix hangover kit table. Mini bus to taxi guests back to hotels. I think my dbro wants to hire a magician for entertainment although I hate them, quite happy for him to do this though.

I’m trying for memorable. Just something for me and dp to start our married life with in a way that’s fitting for us and would treat those nearest and dearest and who travelled to share the day with us.

Would you be bored at this wedding?

IllBeAtTheBarIfYouNeedMe Sat 11-Aug-18 21:57:37

* im NOT trying for memorable that should read blush maybe vodka posting wasn’t such a hot idea

DickensianHysteric Sat 11-Aug-18 22:00:11

It all sounds great, apart from the magician. Food and drink sound fab.

Breadsticksandhummus Sat 11-Aug-18 22:00:16

Will there be music and dancing?

Breadsticksandhummus Sat 11-Aug-18 22:00:31

I agree re magician BTW. No no no.

cakedup Sat 11-Aug-18 22:01:42

It all sounds fine except for the magician - why have one if you don't even like them?

user1493413286 Sat 11-Aug-18 22:04:59

I love the hangover table idea; also I saw a magician at a wedding and he was really good and entertaining (not cheesy) so I don’t think that’s awful.
Wedding advice cards on the tables or similar can help break ice between people that don’t know each other but not essential

SuperSuperSuper Sat 11-Aug-18 22:05:18

Brilliant! So much better than those tedious day-into-night extravaganzas with loads of standing about. I assume there'll be music and dancing.

thefirstmrsrochester Sat 11-Aug-18 22:05:21

I’d love it, apart from magician, what is a pick and mix hangover table?

Sevendown Sat 11-Aug-18 22:06:32

Is it abroad?

It sounds good but it’s a lot for people to pay for a hotel/flights etc for just a half day and no music/dancing...

IllBeAtTheBarIfYouNeedMe Sat 11-Aug-18 22:06:52

My brother will be paying for and sorting the magician. Hopefully he will tell him to keep away from me. I’m quite happy to have it there if others like that sort of thing though.

There will definitely be music and space for dancing but more of a evening at the pub kind of thing rather then an organised DJ. I do have the option of one but I don’t think I have enough guests for a proper DJ set up

RedLemonade Sat 11-Aug-18 22:07:01

Ask someone half decent with a camera to take some pictures as a wedding present. It’s really nice to have a few. Our friend took some for us and our DDs love to look at them now😊.
Had a wedding quite like yours of 21 people; lovely food and chat, no band or dancing but I did make a speech because I was so happy and pleasantly drunk, so no harm having a few thoughts strung together just in case the mood takes you!

IllBeAtTheBarIfYouNeedMe Sat 11-Aug-18 22:09:09

Pick and mix hangover table is things like painkillers, isotonic drinks (my personal hangover cure), salty crisps, breathalyser tests for the drivers, sleep masks etc.

user1486076969 Sat 11-Aug-18 22:09:41

Sounds great....except for the magician

flamingofridays Sat 11-Aug-18 22:10:37

Sounds great. I hate speeches.

Also have been to a wedding which had a magician he did like street magic yo keep us entertain while they changed the room around it was ace!

Flipflop789 Sat 11-Aug-18 22:12:05

Sounds fab! Been to one similar to what you describe and from a guests perspective this is ideal. Good decent grub no waiting for hours when b + g are off getting 900 photos taken etc. Fab! Have a great time

Starlight345 Sat 11-Aug-18 22:15:00

I had a low key wedding . My only regret is no decent photos but otherwise it is your day

IllBeAtTheBarIfYouNeedMe Sat 11-Aug-18 22:15:34

We do have to leave for the changing the room around thing too. I think we’re supposed to go off and have pictures taken but I’m really unphotogenic not comfortable having my picture taken and really don’t fancy paying for the discomfort. We do have a few people who are really talented behind the camera coming so I’m sure we will have some wonderful photos to remember the day with but without the forced smiles and poses

SlowlyShrinking Sat 11-Aug-18 22:19:16

Does your brother know you hate magicians? Seems a bit odd for him to bring one to your wedding, if so confused

IllBeAtTheBarIfYouNeedMe Sat 11-Aug-18 22:25:38

He does but he really loves them. I don’t hate them per se just the part where they won’t tell you how it’s done ( I can’t stand not knowing how things work). I understand that other people aren’t like me and find them entertaining though

RosaMallory Sat 11-Aug-18 22:27:23

I would enjoy everything. But I think you should get a photographer because they will take better pictures and you can look at them when you're old and crumbly.

TokyoSushi Sat 11-Aug-18 22:29:58

No magician, perhaps a better provision for dancing rather than just background music. Otherwise all good! 🎩

ThisIsNotARealAvo Sat 11-Aug-18 22:30:45

I would enjoy it but I do like the speeches. I love hearing them although I think I'm lucky in that the wedding I've been to have had articulate and funny speakers. I also like the first dance but I don't think it matters if you don't have one.

PitchBlackNight Sat 11-Aug-18 22:32:29

Sounds good but I wouldn’t have the magician or the hangover kits. The group is too small for a magician.

Otherwise it sounds perfect. I like the timings. I didn’t have a photographer and I’ve never regretted it. These days with everyone have decent cameras on their phones you are bound to get some good snaps. The Live Photo feature on iPhones means even I can take good pictures.

ManicStreetTeacher Sat 11-Aug-18 22:32:44

Sounds lovely. I'd always look for some kind of music and dancing option though.

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