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Observations from a wedding

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SkeletonSkins Thu 09-Aug-18 01:07:05

In the style of the recent observations from lanzarote thread, I’d just like to make a few observations in the week that I am attending three weddings:

1. People care about the decor for about 5 minutes then ignore it.
2. People do care when it costs £10 for a gin (Northern England).
3. Getting married an hour from where you live is a bit of a pain as it’s a bit close to stay over but a bit far for easy transport.
4. Organising a minibus in the above situation is a great idea.
5. A lot of wedding stuff costs a lot but for very little return/enjoyment eg favours £100 for 10 seconds of ‘ooo very nice’
6. A happy bride dancing and enjoying herself fills the dance floor.
7. Wedding cake is very sweet.
8. You literally don’t see the brides shoes

I’ll be back with more from weddings 2 and 3.

Lollypop701 Thu 09-Aug-18 01:12:52

Love it!

BruceAndNosh Thu 09-Aug-18 01:52:44

Agree that you don't see Bride's shoes but you do see her face if her feet are killing her!

Jenijena Thu 09-Aug-18 02:36:20

Related to 1: chair covers. Wtf?

Esker Thu 09-Aug-18 03:40:17

Totally agree re favours . We didn't bother.
Only favours I have appreciated ever are edible ones. The rest (eg fridge magnets, luggage labels) I just resent as I feel bad chucking them, but to me they are clutter. Weirdest one ever in my opinion was mini Molton Brown shampoo and conditioner bottles ... it's a wedding not a hotel room confused

ShackUp Thu 09-Aug-18 03:48:15

I wore a short dress to get married so my shoes were clearly visible!

We didn't do individual favours but had rocket/glitter lamps with loads of sweets and chocolate on all the tables. DH's family went off with the lamps at the end! They have no class.

meel Thu 09-Aug-18 04:36:43

Agree about the decor thing - a friend of mine got married two weeks after we did, and we both had similar style weddings. The major difference between the two - she spent a lot more money and time decorating her venue and it did look bloody amazing, but she had a professional photographer and spent so much of the time far away from everyone and mostly stressed at trying to get all the photos done. Our venue wasn’t decorated anywhere near as fancy, but we spent a lot more time with guests and did things as and when we wanted to.

The photographer thing is always the thing that annoys me at other weddings. Do you need 100 photos of you frolicking with your partner in 20 different positions? And then all the fake smile group shots? I know photos are important to people, but don’t you want to enjoy the day as well, and actually see your guests?

DrCorday Thu 09-Aug-18 04:46:19

Wearing a £2k dress is absolutely crazy, especially to be worn only once.

They don’t necessarily look any more fitting / classy / glamorous than 2nd hand or c£500 dresses.

Guests generally are happy when food, drink and entertainment are good, coupled with knowing what and when to expect these 3 things. Everything else is irrelevant

Shampooeeee Thu 09-Aug-18 05:32:26

There are never enough canapés.

Only exceptions in my experience:
My own wedding (after explicit instructions)
Italian weddings

SkeletonSkins Thu 09-Aug-18 09:24:16

Totally totally agree that you can’t tell how much the dress costs.

Also agree about the photographer. Seen so many couples miss loads of the day to get photos of them wandering by some trees etc.

livefornaps Thu 09-Aug-18 09:32:16

Keep everyone fed and boozed and they will have a whale of a time.

No one cares about calligraphy or bloody books stacked in the middle of the table.

All couples who claim that, after viewing their months of handiwork, the guests go away crowing about how all those trinkets were "so THEM" are fucking kidding themselves.

Don't spend 15,000 pounds on tat - if you do, you're a twat.

Can recommend nudist beach weddings

chickacharlie Thu 09-Aug-18 09:43:44

I agree re: photographs - weddings I've been to this year had ages standing around waiting for the bride and groom to finish their photo shoots

SkeletonSkins Thu 09-Aug-18 09:47:50

No one reads the little signs with little poems about the dance floor rules or other rubbish.

People forget about the guest book and write the same old rubbish cause they’re not sure what to put and feel under pressure.

SkeletonSkins Thu 09-Aug-18 09:48:18

Interestingly though the flip flops went down really well.

LittleBearPad Thu 09-Aug-18 09:50:57

2. People do care when it costs £10 for a gin (Northern England).

This is not specific to Northen England!

LittleBearPad Thu 09-Aug-18 09:52:13

Other observations. PowerPoint is not for weddings!

chickacharlie Thu 09-Aug-18 10:01:37

@SkeletonSkins flip flops by the dance floor?

greendale17 Thu 09-Aug-18 10:05:46

People would rather have more food than a free drink

Redtartanshoes Thu 09-Aug-18 10:06:24

There are no original ideas. Boxes of flip flops. Sweet tables and photo booths have been done a million times

SkeletonSkins Thu 09-Aug-18 10:15:41

@chickacharlie yeah people seemed to like them. Agree it’s totally been done before.

Oh good PowerPoint at a wedding I dread to think 😂

SchnitzelVonKrumm Thu 09-Aug-18 10:29:13

Cheap weddings are much more fun than fancy ones and the marriage lasts longer IME

SchnitzelVonKrumm Thu 09-Aug-18 10:31:19

And 10 quid for a G&T would cause outrage in London. Much better to save on favours and similar tat and put more cash behind the bar winewinewine

meel Thu 09-Aug-18 10:55:49

Oh agree on all the unnecessary tat and poems. Or the timetables written artfully on bits of old pallet.

The most common answer to ‘what was the best bit of meel’s wedding?’ was ‘the gin table’ grin no one gave a shit what table runners I’d got or what the chairs looked like. Surely if guests are remembering those things, it’s because they were bored stiff waiting around and had too much time to pay attention to tiny details.

We spent less than five grand on our wedding, but one thing we spent the most on was alcohol and food. We didn’t want people to come and then have to spend a fortune on drinks, so we didn’t go for a fancy venue with a pay bar, we just had a marquee in our garden but supplied a big selection of alcohol for everyone.

SkeletonSkins Thu 09-Aug-18 11:44:05

I always laugh when people are like, ‘well we made everyone personalised bath bombs and had great feedback”

Well, your the bride and people are polite. They won’t say it’s shit to your face.

SkeletonSkins Thu 09-Aug-18 11:45:50


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