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Honeymoon with children

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Laineymc7 Fri 03-Aug-18 10:19:19

Hi all
I was wondering if any of you had a honeymoon with your kids?
We are getting married next year and the kids will be age 2&4.
We would like a bit of luxury and somewhere with a good kids club or nanny services so we could have a balance of family time plus a little us time.
My dp wants to leave the kids for a week and I don't I said we could still have a good time somewhere like this and have comprised on a weekend away with just us after the wedding. I couldn't leave them for a week. I've never even been away from them a night.
Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you.

n0ne Fri 03-Aug-18 10:33:41

DD1 was a year old when we got married. We went on honeymoon to the Caribbean for a fortnight so obviously took her with us. It was fine if not ideal. Family babysat a couple of times (I have family there, v v lucky, I know), and for part of the time we stayed on a resort with our cabin spitting distance and completely visible from the restaurant so we could leave her asleep in there and still have dinner by ourselves. But she was pretty portable so not a problem the rest of the time. 4 and 2 might be a bit trickier. I wouldn't leave such small ones behind for a whole week, personally.

Laineymc7 Fri 03-Aug-18 12:59:11

Thank you. That sounds like a lovely honeymoon. Will consider there too. The other option is to bring my mother in law to help with babysitting but that might be even less of a honeymoon 😂.

cravingcake Sat 04-Aug-18 17:30:34

We had a ‘familymoon’ recently (got married 2 months ago). Took our 2 DC (6&4) to a villa in Corfu with my parents as well. Gave us a nice balance of family time, and just us together time, my parents looked after kids most evenings for us to be able to go out and enjoy an evening meal.

We also decided that we would have a long weekend away once we got back and things settled down, unfortunately life is very cruel and my now DH has just been diagnosed with cancer. So all plans cancelled, he has a really good chance of beating it and so we are hoping by the time we get to our first anniversary we will be through the worst of this and able to have a lovely luxury honeymoon then.

Makes me so pleased we had the best day ever.

Bubbles120 Sun 05-Aug-18 09:24:05

We are taking our ds. One of our family members is getting married in a lavish hotel abroad next year so we are using that as our honeymoom. Plus family will be there for babysitting duties.

HouseworkIsASin10 Sun 05-Aug-18 15:48:42

Don't take MILshock

Laineymc7 Mon 06-Aug-18 21:36:24

Cravingcake im so sorry to hear about your DH. I hope he pulls through this for you and your family. Your honeymoon sounds lovely. We are thinking of Greece maybe Sani or something like that.

I don't think we will take our mother in law. I'd be happy with the mini break just a couple of nights on our own and family holiday will be the best balance.

cravingcake Sat 11-Aug-18 06:32:15

Thank you lainey

A nice family holiday will be good for you all, I hope all goes well.

LaPufalina Sat 11-Aug-18 06:44:04

We went to palladium white island in Ibiza, 5* AI resort on the beach, took our ten month old and it's somewhere we'd love to go again.

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