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Temperley dresses?

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IsTheRainEverComingBack Fri 20-Jul-18 14:26:49

Does anyone know ball park figures for how much Temperley dresses cost? I love the dresses but don’t want to book an appointment if they’re way out of my price range.

Westwoodviv75 Fri 20-Jul-18 14:31:13

Massive guess here...but I reckon they start at £3000 god knows what!! You can always give them a ring and ask.
They are so beautiful!

Westwoodviv75 Fri 20-Jul-18 14:38:08

This is pretty simple for Temperley so I would definitely expect upwards for detailed beaded gowns.
If you like Temperley you might like Grace Loves Lace; Willowby by Watters and Needle and Thread (cheaper but detailed) are worth a look.

IsTheRainEverComingBack Fri 20-Jul-18 15:03:24

Thanks. I think £3000+ will be more than I can stretch to. Thanks for the other suggestions, I also love WearYourLove dresses but don’t want to buy something I can’t try on beforehand

IsTheRainEverComingBack Fri 20-Jul-18 15:04:14

The Willowby ones look lovely. How much do they cost?

TheHandmaidsTail Fri 20-Jul-18 15:05:30

[ link here]

From £2700, you should be able to get cheaper though if you look around or go for samples.

TheHandmaidsTail Fri 20-Jul-18 15:07:04

sorry try this one

From £2000 here

Westwoodviv75 Fri 20-Jul-18 16:04:56

As far as I remember Willowby range from £995 - £2000.
With regards to Temperley, shop samples will be discounted, it's just finding the right size and style which could be time consuming.

Westwoodviv75 Fri 20-Jul-18 17:36:50

Just remembered Wilderley by Allure Bridal were reasonable and a bit different.

IsTheRainEverComingBack Fri 20-Jul-18 18:23:37

Oo those are lovely, thank you

wowsaidtheowl Sat 11-Aug-18 19:56:35

Isn’t there a temperley outlet store somewhere near Oxford? There are always loads of past season dresses on eBay too. I picked up a brand new silk dress for £75. I was very happy!!

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