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Help! Ireland or Spain?!

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kmammamalto Tue 17-Jul-18 15:57:21

We have planned to get married in Ireland but we are arguing about details and sticking with tradition and I honestly don't feel excited about it anymore.
Would we be mad to be considering cutting our loses with deposits etc so far and getting married in Spain?! It's where we got engaged and really more what I had envisioned when I though of myself getting married?!
Help me! I'm so confused.

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itbemay Tue 17-Jul-18 16:00:29

I’d go with Spain. Ireland is beautiful but the weather is so unpredictable too! My oh is Irish and I can honestly say every wedding we’ve been to - 5ish the weather has been awful! Good luck op

LoveInTokyo Tue 17-Jul-18 19:47:41

Do you have any connection to Ireland or Spain?

kmammamalto Tue 17-Jul-18 21:19:58

Sorry I should have said! My OH is Irish hence the plan to marry there. And it would be an invite every man and his dog style wedding which means some people I've never even met!!
We got engaged in Spain so would be back to our fav place...
Thanks for the helpful replies guys. My OP is so garbled as my head is all over the place with it!

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LoveInTokyo Tue 17-Jul-18 21:35:51

I would go with Ireland.

The thing is, if you get married in a place where one of you is from, people won't resent travelling there as there will be some logic to it. If you get married abroad in a place which means all your guests have to travel and there's no obvious reason to do it there except for the fact that you like it, some people are going to be a bit cheesed off at having to fork out so much extra money for your destination wedding.

Personally I think getting married in a country which is not where you currently live is a pain in the arse, even if it's where you're from. But if you get married in a different country to where you currently live, it's certainly easier if it's somewhere you already know well, people speak English and it's not too far away.

Going to see venues, dealing with caterers, menu tasting, sorting out flowers, even the logistics of transporting stuff like your dress over there is going to be a total arseache. If you don't speak Spanish then you will need to be dealing exclusively with people who speak very good English and there will be more chance of things going wrong as messages get lost in translation. You could drive over to Ireland with a car full of stuff quite easily, but getting yourselves and all your gear over to Spain will be more complicated.

It sounds like you've already found a venue and started paying for things in Ireland so unless something has actually gone badly wrong I really would stick with that.

Plus Ireland is a beautiful country and Irish weddings are supposed to be an absolute blast. I would love to be invited to an Irish wedding!

Good luck with whatever you decide.

SheWoreBlueVelvet Tue 17-Jul-18 23:04:19

I would say Spain. It probably costs the same in flights or ferries to either country for your side.
Obviously his family would incurr extra expense but yes it would cut the numbers if you are not a fan of the all and sundry celebration.
I get what you mean about traditions. I can't imagine anything worse than planning chair covers and button holes. Even " bridal" hair makes me feel queasy. I'm having a pool, a party and a bit of romance.

Boredboredboredboredbored Wed 18-Jul-18 18:15:47

Spain all the way! We are flying out to Mallorca in September to look at a beautiful rustic type venue for next summer. I love that we are pretty much guaranteed the weather. We are only having around 20 guests so pretty intimate

kmammamalto Thu 19-Jul-18 10:34:32

Thanks everyone for taking the time to reply. It's so interesting that on any thread like this someone trots out how unhappy people are going to be to travel. I've travelled all over for friends and families weddings and I've never once thought it was a pita!
When you love people surely you just want to be there..?!
Anyway to the Spain reppers... I think we might be going to go for it!!! 😶 so scary when we actually had it almost all planned in Ireland... but really really exciting!!
To the p.p looking at venues soon. Good luck!!! Hope you find your special place xxx

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WhatchaMaCalllit Thu 19-Jul-18 11:09:12

I would split the difference - wedding in Ireland, honeymoon in Spain.
Oh, and just because your OH is from Ireland doesn't mean that you have to invite every Tom, Dick and Harry to the wedding. You can have smaller more intimate gatherings too.
Finally, at the moment, our weather is fantastic so I wouldn't let that be the final deciding factor. Irish weather is unpredictable (generally speaking) but at the moment is sunny and dry and some of the best we've seen in years!

BrokenWing Thu 19-Jul-18 11:48:51

I would choose the place most suitable to the main guests I wanted to be there. Guests make a good wedding, not a location.

If my family or closest friends couldn't easily afford to go somewhere, had to use up more than a day or two of annual leave to attend, had to take children out of school for days, or arrange childcare for being away I wouldn't have a wedding at an inconvenient location.

I have a few brides/grooms privately tell me in hindsight they were disappointed with their location wedding as the build up to the dream was more exciting than the reality and it wasn't until after they realised how much they missed some guests who couldn't make it and wish theyd had a knees up at home instead. They still tell everyone it was a dream wedding as they don't want to admit it publicly.

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