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Save the dates

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sirmione16 Mon 02-Jul-18 15:13:21

I'm getting married during school hols in July 2019. Very popular date for holidays and the like and being a Saturday too, we're sending out save the dates this week. Because it's a popular date, should I be sending people save the dates if they're evening only guests?? I know it's not etiquette but I've nearly 60 people I'd like to invite just to the evening who may not be able to come if I don't tell them and I'd hate that /:

Short: should I send save the dates to evening only guests?

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Cliveybaby Mon 02-Jul-18 15:38:31

short: no
I think if I got a save the date I'd assume I was properly invited, and would then save the date. If I then only got an evening invite I'd be pretty offended.

TroubledLichen Mon 02-Jul-18 15:43:12

No!!! It will be seriously awkward as they’ll think they’re invited to the entire day and if they plan their summer holiday around it and only receive an evening invite they’ll probably be really offended and annoyed.

FreeMantle Mon 02-Jul-18 17:17:10

You'll need to find a venue pronto if it's a busy Saturday.

Then you might as well just send real invites with a RSVP for early next year.

Friolero Mon 02-Jul-18 17:21:28

No, I'd be annoyed if I'd saved the date and then only got invited to the evening do, would expect all day with a save the date card.

sirmione16 Mon 02-Jul-18 18:21:47

Thank god I posted this!! Exactly why I needed to test the water before I did! Thanks smile

@FreeMantle venue is booked, has been since last September! smile

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kshaw Mon 02-Jul-18 18:27:58

I got save the dates but I got ones with a space on and bought an 'evening invite' stamp and stamped that on. I'm bank holiday weekend next year so for same reasons

BonnieF Mon 02-Jul-18 18:36:36

I don’t get the ‘save the date’ thing.

If the venue is booked, why not just send out the invitations?

meditrina Mon 02-Jul-18 18:40:12

Only send STDs to the subset of guests whose absence you'd really feel. as these arecpeople you are likely to be talking to or emailing anyhow, you can save your stationery and postage bills by just telling them when/where and that they will be invited.

Never send STDs to people who you intend to ask to only part of the celebrations.

sirmione16 Mon 02-Jul-18 19:19:48

@BonnieF for us it's because though the venue is same for reception and ceremony, timings haven't quite been cemented yet so I can't send a formal invite with times to arrive on for each bit. Also people's RSVPs can change (maybe multiple times!) from now to Janurary for example

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spudlet7 Mon 02-Jul-18 23:15:42

Don't send save the dates to evening guests. I'd never actually save the date for an evening invite but they won't know that's what is coming. Like PPs have said, they might plan around it, only to find out it's not the full thing.

sirmione16 Wed 04-Jul-18 20:31:38

Thanks all smile

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PippaPug Tue 24-Jul-18 16:09:33

I’m gwtting married next July and wondered this as well but was toying with no, I will save myself the bother and not now!

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