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Engagement ring.

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Beachcountrysidetown Tue 26-Jun-18 21:28:29

So, I got engaged 11.5 years ago when I was quite young. My husband and I didn’t have much money - so his mum gave us a ring. I’ve never liked it. I hate it more now I’m older. I’ve never worn it - it literally sits in my wardrobe not being worn. I want to sell it - my husband thinks that’s awful and it’s “his mums ring” so I can’t sell it to get something more me. Help!!

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FreeMantle Tue 26-Jun-18 21:33:01

Can you take it to a jewellers to get it melted and remodelled? His mums ring but more "you"

Cliveybaby Wed 27-Jun-18 08:57:26

Hmm... Could you just have a second one, and keep the first to pass on to a daughter?

KirstenRaymonde Wed 27-Jun-18 08:58:11

Get a new ring and pass that one down?

Shoxfordian Wed 27-Jun-18 15:29:57

Yeah can it be remodelled? Not great that you told your husband you hate it really....

Beachcountrysidetown Wed 27-Jun-18 15:42:26

I didn’t tell him I hate it. I said to him that it’s no “me” and it is a waste never getting worn.

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Shoxfordian Wed 27-Jun-18 16:41:34

Ah ok
Would he be ok with getting it remodelled?

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