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Wedding abroad...

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ButternutFairy Wed 20-Jun-18 20:13:19

Anyone out there booked a wedding abroad, how long in advance did you book it? We are aiming for 2020 and am hugely sad that it looks like a booking isn’t going to be happening any time soon sad

What did you do?


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Mummyme87 Wed 20-Jun-18 21:20:09

Not abroad but we have booked our April 2020 wedding on the uk

FreeMantle Wed 20-Jun-18 22:42:43

9 months in advance.
We both knew where we wanted it and know the place well enough to have a good idea of what was achieve able for our budget.
However we couldn't do our envisioned choice of venue, due to it being way too complicated logistically abroad. We went simple and struck lucky with a villa with a lovely owner that renews his vows there with his wife every year...amazing set up.
We then sent invites out and based our other decisions once we found out who's attending and when. Lots of people have decided to make it a full on holiday so I think the budget will be stretched over a ( very) long weekend! We're keeping it flexible until nearer the time.
We don't have to worry about..chair covers, decorating ( spectacular location) or cars.

Homeburd Wed 27-Jun-18 01:25:07

Hello there im new to this group I don't know how to start a new thread so I apologise if I'm butting into your conversation. I am looking to get married abroad as well really don't know where to start either but was asking boyfriend if we could only have brothers sisters there. their children, mums and dads only invited no aunts no uncles no cousins and just close friends but he's saying he wants to invite all aunts and uncles to the wedding abroad I haven't even met some of these people and don't see any of them i have now and again. so was wondering what are your thoughts on this I personally don't feel comfortable on my wedding day getting to know new people the basic how are you what's your job. I really only want people on the wedding day who we know and care about. Would love for the actual wedding day itself to be relaxing not running around 100 people saying thanks for coming lol

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