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If you used a professional wedding planner

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NomsQualityStreets Wed 13-Jun-18 12:20:57

All I want to ask is - was it worth it?

I get super anxious about organising anything and always spend ages fretting, second guessing and ending up with migraines and/or loosing sleep as a result. (Put it this way - I had to go home half way through my DCs 1st birthday as I managed to work myself up into a blinding migraine, I know ridiculous and I'm working on it)
We will probably have a smallish wedding but I've been looking into wedding planners as I think it might help my stress levels.

Any insight?

Thank you!

Qwebec Sun 17-Jun-18 04:08:32

I haven't but know people who have.
They are a a big plus if organizing a wedding is stressful/overwelming for you. But you have to be able to let things go a bit. Find one that you feel comfortable with and take the time to talk about what you want/need and then let her do her/his thing. You need to be able to trust her/him. Delegating when stressed can be difficult for some people.

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