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Anyone up for a ‘wedding reports’ thread?

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DressDrama Mon 11-Jun-18 12:35:33

Anyone up for a ‘wedding reports’ thread? Basically where you give a low down on your wedding day (doesn’t matter how far in the past it was) or if its impending how you’re feeling/what you have left to do/anything making you excited/nervous.

Suggested headings below but these can be scrapped or edited accordingly!

Type of ceremony/venue:
Best memory:
So glad we..:
Weather was:
Any pieces of advice for future brides and grooms:

Here’s mine (impending)….

Month/year: First week of Aug 2018

Type of ceremony/venue: Catholic church ceremony, hotel reception
about 10 minutes drive apart

To do still: Chase about 5 non-received RSVPs; table plans; buy a wedding guest book; dress alterations (scheduled for July); bridesmaids dresses alterations (there was an issue with these but now sorted, see another post for details:; probably loads more I can’t think of right now

I’m nervous about: 1) getting emotional during the ceremony/at various points in the day! Unfortunately we’ve lost a few family members between booking the wedding and now and I’m worried that when I think of them not being able to be there I’ll well up. 2) Getting no sleep the night before and looking tired with bloodshot eyes on the day. 3) Being a shaking leaf as I walk up the aisle.

I’m most looking forward to: 1) Having all of our family and friends under one roof to celebrate with us 2) Being with my mum and 3 best friends/bridesmaids in the house on the morning of having our hair and make-up done and getting excited I’m sure; 3) wearing my wedding ring; 4) seeing my husband to be looking smart as well as my dad, brother and the rest of the male bridal party

I hope: The weather is OK! Ours is on a coast that can get battered by rain; I don’t mind if it rains after 3pm-ish once the ceremony is over, we’ve had photos taken and the guests are back at the hotel.

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Doobigetta Fri 15-Jun-18 19:24:11

Ok, here's mine.
Month/year: May 2018
Type of ceremony/venue: civil ceremony in historic building, reception was there as well
Best memory: spending the morning chilling and getting ready with my bridesmaids, and the ceremony itself.
So glad we: planned the important things as carefully as we did. The bits we left to chance didn't go as well .
Weather was: absolutely perfect. Hot and sunny. So much so that some of the older guests were hiding indoors from the sun.
Piece of advice for impending brides and grooms: enjoy it. Spend the time on the day doing what you want to do, rather than running around trying to be the perfect hosts. It goes so fast, and no one else will really remember what you did on the day afterwards. You paid for it, make the most of it!

mrssunshinexxx Fri 15-Jun-18 21:31:53

Date.. next Saturday!

Type of wedding.. civil in a church then reception 10mins away

Still to do.. pick up alcohol , bake my wedding cake, pick up a few last minute bits, write cards to our parents

Most nervous about.. the ceremony in general, blubbing the hole way through it, getting horrible skin before !

Most excited about,, walking down the aisle with my dad, seeing my handsome hubby and the whole of the reception we have lots of fun planned

WolfMcWolferson Fri 15-Jun-18 21:40:36

Mine is first week of August too!

I haven't stuck to the titles, but essentially I'm panicking.

I don't have - flowers, rings, vows confused

Sorry for thread derail, watching others with interest!

Flibbertyjibbit Fri 15-Jun-18 21:42:14

Month/year: April 2018
Type of ceremony/venue: hotel ceremony and reception
Best memory: seeing my groom at the end of the aisle waiting for me. He looked so handsome!
So glad we..: paid a bit more for awesome photographer, photos are one of the only physical things you keep...except of course your new husband/wife!
Weather was: amazing, blue sky no clouds.
Any pieces of advice for future brides and grooms: enjoy the day, take a moment just for yourselves to take it all in. Ask the caterers to keep you back canapes as by the time you get a chance they will all be gone. If staying at hotel, ask for late checkout like 1pm. It's so nice to have a relaxing morning together. Ours added this for free! Don't ask don't get.

cravingcake Sat 16-Jun-18 08:27:31

Month/year: May 2018 (3 weeks ago!)

Type of ceremony/venue: civil ceremony at a private estate/country house

Best memory: so many to choose from - the whole day was just amazing

So glad we..: didn’t waste money on things that weren’t important to us.

Weather was: Wet first thing in morning but beautiful sunshine and hot for rest of the day.

Any pieces of advice for future brides and grooms: don’t stress over the things you can’t control and try to just enjoy every moment.

Mum4Fergus Sat 16-Jun-18 22:40:01

Month/year: 31st July 2018
Type of ceremony/venue: Registry Office in Scotland, just the two of us
Best memory: don't know yet
So glad we..stayed with our original plan to elope
Weather was: forecast to be hottest July/August in 10 years
Any pieces of advice for future brides and grooms: it's your else's x

DressDrama Mon 18-Jun-18 12:28:07

Congrats to all recent brides and grooms!

Good luck mrssunshinexxx hope it all goes well for you and you have the best day ever!

WolfMcWolferson: we can support each other in the lead up! Mine isn't in the country we live (only an hours flight away though) I need to: purchase a bigger suitcase; and book some hotels for myself and husband to be to stay in as we're doing a mini-honeymoon around the country in the week after the wedding.

If you're having a fresh flowers bouquet/floral decorations a tip I've been given is to take an antihistamine (non-drowsy of course) on the day, even if you're not prone to hay fever/flower allergies - as this may be the day holding a certain flower fairly close to your face will be the day your eyes start streaming or you start sneezing!

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Scribblegirl Mon 18-Jun-18 14:56:27

Month/year: End of July 2018 (5 weeks to go!)

Type of ceremony/venue: CofE church where my grandparents were married followed by marquee reception in the countryside about 20 mins drive away.

To do still: Not loads - final dress fitting, a little on decor (disposable cameras, fairy lights etc), finish the playlist, reconfirm all the timings with everyone, final meeting with the reception venue and photographer, buy the fizz for welcome drinks.

I’m nervous about: Honestly? Two things - 1) issues to do with my dad (he's in a wheelchair and I'm concerned about him getting tired on the day) and 2) feeling fat/unattractive. Oh, and making sure I don't have too much to drink as a result of nerves!

I’m most looking forward to: Marrying DFiance smile plus, having all our family and friends together in one place.

I hope: Everyone has a brilliant time and nothing goes wrong! Also that I can find it within myself to relax and go with the flow rather than getting too OCD about timings and things.

DressDrama Mon 18-Jun-18 15:59:54

Good luck Scribblegirl! You've reminded me we said we'd supply the fizz aswell as the table wine (venue with free corkage luckily) so better look into that! Anyone know how many people to a bottle as a little toast sip??

That's so lovely you are marrying in the same venue as your grandparents star

Hope all goes OK for your dad on the day, is he staying at the venue so could retire to bed early if needs be?

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Scribblegirl Mon 18-Jun-18 16:07:04

Thanks DressDrama, guessing I am the weekend before you. I'd totally forgotten we were sorting the greeting fizz tbh so that one shot to the top of my list last weekend.... the caterers are providing the table wine and there's a cash bar for afters but had totally missed the hour or so between arriving and sitting down for the meal!

Fingers crossed for Dad - he's really stubborn/proud about the chair so I imagine he'll try and do as much as standing as he can but I'm worried about him tiring. Mum and dad only live down the road so they can book their taxi for whenever suits, just feel a bit bad they may have to retire early.

Sounds like you are pretty organised!! smile Admire you for organising the wedding from a different country, that must take a heck of a lot of planning! Have you had any dramas so far? We couldn't make our mind up on bands for ages, and our first choice of photographer flaked on us in November last year but otherwise I think we've been quite lucky so far (touch wood!!)

DressDrama Mon 18-Jun-18 16:18:39

That's handy your mum and dad are only down the road from the venue - whatever time they depart they will have a proud day as mother and father of the beautiful bride!

Our fizz is just for the speeches toast; hence the 'little sip' grin We've been really lucky with our venue and the price per head included a welcome drinks reception - one less thing to worry about! How many people to a bottle are you counting for?

Luckily no dramas so far, well none with the venue anyway who have been a dream - thank god for email in the modern era! Its where my family are from and we go back and over a lot so it's been smooth to arrange. Only drama was with the bridesmaids dresses (see my rant here ) but this issue has been resolved! Have you got a honeymoon booked? We're having a small one week tour of the country we'll be in but plan to book a bigger one in 2019 - it's hard to navigate when however as we have other weddings/hens/stags to fit in!

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Ooopsijustsnarted Mon 18-Jun-18 16:28:17

Here's mine.
Date: September 2016

Ceremony: Church where my parents and grandparents had got married.

Reception: big 4* hotel about a 5 min drive from church and a champagne cruise of lake (windermere) for day guests.

So glad we: had a professional photographer, it was so far down my list of wants.

Best memory: signing my new name for the first time in the hotel. They let me keep that copy of the paperwork and printed another one out for there files.

The weather: cloudy early morning, But glorious, not too hot layer in the day.

My advice: from my photographer- when you have your photos taken dont let your SO put their hands on your stomach otherwise it makes it look like you are pregnant and having a maternity shoot.

My advice from me: spend some time somewhere in the day just the 2 of you, even if it's just 10 mins.

cravingcake Tue 19-Jun-18 07:37:59

DressDrama - a normal size bottle of bubbly fills 6 champagne flutes, so if you don’t fill as much you could get 8 nice size glasses. Try and see if where you buy it from will do a discount (Tesco do 25% off for 6 bottles or more often). No harm in asking.

Shoxfordian Tue 19-Jun-18 08:53:17

Here's mine

Month/year: 1 Feb 2019

Type of ceremony/venue: Registry office then restaurant for reception.

Weather could be completely horrible but as long as it doesn't snow and stop people getting here then it shouldn't matter.

Have got invitations and booked venues. Haven't yet sorted out bridesmaid dresses, my dress, hen stuff etc.

FreeMantle Tue 19-Jun-18 20:00:31

Month/year: October 2018
Type of ceremony/venue: South of France. The village which we had in common - his from work, mine from a holiday. A villa with pool, view of the sea and celebrant followed by the best resturant in town.
Left to do Rings, grooms outfits, flowers ( real or fake,can't decide) and order in a truck load of wine to the villa from Carrefour.
Best memory: No idea yet but I always remember seeing a wedding there about 10 years ago and thinking" I want to be married here one day".
So glad we..: booked abroad. A spectacular venue for our budget. It would get us a posh barn with caterers and hassle in the uk.
Weather was: who knows. Even if it rains the view is so much nicer than than October in the uk.
Any pieces of advice for future brides and grooms: The guest lists are a nightmare. Invite people who care about you, people you like and people that get on. And factor in plus ones ( I forgot a few).Harder than you think.

DressDrama Tue 14-Aug-18 12:47:25

Hello! I'm back, now a married woman smile So thought I'd give my two pennies worth...

Month/year: Aug 2018

Type of ceremony/venue: Catholic church ceremony, hotel reception
about 10 minutes drive apart

Best memory/ies: My dad's face when he saw me come down the stairs in my wedding dress / cheers of everyone when we were pronounced husband and wife / seeing family and friends that had never met before get on so well / the chats and sing-songs that went on past 5am

So glad we..: Had a few days of calm beforehand, we live in London and got married in Ireland so had 4 days in a large shared house before and after the wedding - bridal party and guests started arriving gradually - we had a few errands to do but all in all it was tranquil in the lead up to the day. DH and I had a week on our own touring around then once everyone went home which was great and came home feeling genuinely relaxed.

Weather was: Light rain when we came out of the church but we managed to get a quick (biodegradable) confetti shot; we went back to the reception venue but within 20 mins the weather cleared up so we went outdoors then for pictures - glad we were able to get the outdoor ones.

Any pieces of advice for future brides and grooms: Task specific people with specific jobs - we left the altar arrangement at the church by accident, which was meant to come back to the venue to sit at the top table. One of my amazing bridesmaids grabbed a willing volunteer to drive back and get it a few hours later when she asked me who had brought it back - both DH and I had forgotten to give that job to someone.

If you're having photos taken have a few lists of who you want in the group shots and task one of the bridal party with gathering said people - our photographer was documentary style so we only had about 4 group shots to camera but it was quick and easy as we knew who we wanted in each.

Time really does fly by, all day, but especially in the morning...the hair and make-up team arrived at 7.30am and were ready to start 10 mins thing I knew it was 12.30pm and I was in the wedding car on the way to the church.

Don't fight any emotion - I was sure I'd cry during the ceremony and was so worried (miraculously I didn't!) but in the days before I had a few tears here and there - just letting emotion out as it came rather than fighting it. It helped I think as when the day came around I didn't feel any tension whatsoever!

Good luck to all upcoming brides and grooms; and congrats to all the newlyweds!

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ApolloandDaphne Tue 14-Aug-18 12:54:58

Month/year: August 1985

Type of ceremony/venue: Church followed by a meal and Scottish dancing in a local independent venue with outside caterers. The food was great - a big choice on the menu including scampi and chips! A huge buffet later catered by my DM and her neighbour

Best memory: Just having fun with all our friends and family. It is to date still the best occasion we have ever hosted.

So glad we..: Got married i guess. We were young but it has worked out well.

Weather was: Blowy and showery. Photos all taken inside.

Any pieces of advice for future brides and grooms: Don't ever go to sleep on an argument. Talk about everything - good and bad. Be prepared to compromise sometimes.

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