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Elopement wedding

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mumoftwooo Fri 08-Jun-18 15:25:21

Hi all,
We are looking to go away with our 2 children to get married. We’re not the most organised of people 😂 so we are looking for a package that includes pretty much everything for a £2000 budget. We’re not looking for anything OTT (hence why we want to do it alone). We’d like Devon/Cornwall area. If anyone can suggest/help it would be very much appreciated 🙂

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Floeer Fri 08-Jun-18 15:48:27


Sounds like a good idea to me!

You can find all the Registration Offices here:

Those will be a lot cheaper than paying the (often around £600) fee for a registrar to come to an approved venue which you'll also have to pay to hire.

Floeer Fri 08-Jun-18 15:52:53

Just to give you an idea of what we done when we eloped with our DS & our 2 witnesses (BTW, are your 2 children over 18? Otherwise You need to consider who will be your witnesses)

Town Hall Wedding Ceremony: £200 (included venue hire & registrars)
Arrival Drinks & Afternoon Tea at Fancy Hotel: £180 (for all 5 of us)
Night in fancy Hotel: £160 (just for us 2)

Floeer Fri 08-Jun-18 15:55:43


This place is nice?

You might even be able to negotiate the price down if it is only going to be the 4 of you. Just remember to include registrar fee on top of that!

Floeer Fri 08-Jun-18 15:58:54

okay, apologies I appear to be getting too invested in your wedding now hahah!

Not a fancy place itself BUT Croyde Bay is gorgeous and I holiday here (well technically we don't stay at the Holiday Park, we usually camp at Cherry Trees) with the family most years

Floeer Fri 08-Jun-18 16:00:39

anyway, I should really leave the office and drive back home.

I will leave you with this link:

Has all the approved Venues across Devon. Just many of them are rather pricey and are unlikely to cut down on price just because it will only be 4 of you as it will be a whole day where they could make more money.

Good luck x

mumoftwooo Fri 08-Jun-18 16:24:22

Thanks for all the replies. 2 young children but packages I have looked at already do include witnesses if needed. If the registrar price is as high as £600 I may have to look at other ideas (I have only looked at places where I will need to get a registrar)

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Floeer Fri 08-Jun-18 18:43:23

You're welcome!

If you chose a "community venue" then you'll find the registrar will be included. Also the registrar fee might even be cheaper down that way, it's £600 here in Essex though which is why we chose the Town Hall.

Also remember you have to Give Notice of Marriage at the local Registration Offices at least 28 days prior the marriage which costs £70

mumoftwooo Sat 09-Jun-18 08:12:55

It’s more complicated for 2 disorganised people than I first thought 😂. I may look at your idea of using a registry office in Cornwall instead. We’re in the Midlands so it’s not easy to visit places beforehand. I’m going to really have think what the easiest way to do it is.

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Floeer Sat 09-Jun-18 10:23:37

😂 it was hard enough for me and I pride myself on being organised! It's no wonder weddings cause drama and bridezillas really.

What about around Bakewell and the peak district if you're in the midlands? So pretty around there. Not sure what wedding venues and prices are like though

sharkirasharkira Wed 20-Jun-18 22:29:01

This place looks nice and does elopement packages for £1200 ish

This place is gorgeous - I would have loved this for my wedding but it's soooo expensive normally! Elopements are something like £550 though

Good luck!

Halebeke425 Wed 20-Jun-18 22:34:33

This place looks nice and does elopement packages from around 900 I think. Stay in a
luxury cottage or house

numptynuts Wed 20-Jun-18 22:42:44

Millbrook Estate, Devon.

We got married there and I think it will tick all your boxes smile

mumoftwooo Thu 21-Jun-18 05:30:10

Thanks for your replies, I will have a look at all of these after work. I have found somewhere we’re interested in Ta mill in Cornwall but we’ve still been looking just so we can be certain. We’re hoping to have booked somewhere in the next 2 weeks 🙂

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Eliza9917 Sun 24-Jun-18 16:24:04

Does it have to be Devon/Cornwall?

Gretna green has great packages.

LoveInTokyo Sun 24-Jun-18 18:32:09

Personally I wouldn’t advise going to Gretna Green. Drove through it a couple of years ago and there were signs like “get your romantic elopement wedding here!”

It’s like Scottish Vegas.

Devon or Cornwall will be far more romantic.

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