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Help with wedding invites for abroad and save the dates!

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eirrah Wed 18-Apr-18 11:57:12

Hi everyone! Me and my partner are getting married abroad (a very small do with close friends and family) and having a big party the week after back in the UK.

I want to send the invites out for abroad in good advance so people can book flights etc and get themselves organised. I’m going to attach another invitation with details of the UK party to this too and send this one out to people who are coming to the party in the UK at a later date.

Now - what do I do about save the dates etc?

Do I send these out to people coming abroad or not as they’ll already know about the party from their invite?

And when do I send the UK invite out to everyone else?

I’m in a real flap about it all haha thank you smile

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FreeMantle Wed 18-Apr-18 17:36:56

We didn't bother with official save the dates for our wedding abroad. We verbally told our nearest and dearest when we were having it ( 10 months later) to make sure they were happy. The invites arrived four weeks after for them and friends we had invited.
We found that people wanted to make it a holiday so it was better for us to know who they wanted to bring ( ideally ) so we could put them on the invites.
Can't the second set just have their invites at the same time? You'll get a better Indea of how many want to come. Are you doing Save the Dates because you haven't decided a second venue yet?

PotteringAlong Wed 18-Apr-18 17:37:36

Why do you need save the date cards? Just send them an invite.

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