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Winchester secret wedding - witnesses needed

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lj1995 Tue 17-Apr-18 11:36:43


Me and my partner are having a secret wedding and wondered whether anyone on here from Winchester would be available on 31/05/2018 at 09.10 for ceremony at 09.30 2 witnesses are needed. No photos on social media etc.

Iwantacampervan Tue 17-Apr-18 16:06:54

I don't live too far from Winchester - if you haven't had any other replies then I would be able, and honoured, to attend.

Helpmeplan Wed 18-Apr-18 16:56:23

Ooooh if I wasn't working I'd be there in a shot. I'm getting married there next year! Good luck with finding your witnesses.

TeenTimesTwo Thu 19-Apr-18 11:32:54

Sadly that is half term week and we are away, otherwise I would have loved to do it. Hope you find someone.

strawberrypenguin Thu 19-Apr-18 11:49:05

Unfortunately I'm working that day otherwise I'd have loved too. Hope you have a lovely day

Saltcrust Thu 19-Apr-18 11:51:07

Be careful posting about this on social media op! It's not that secret!

Wishing you and your oh every happiness however flowers

Iwantacampervan Mon 21-May-18 07:21:09

Have you found anyone local yet? I hope your plans are going well.

Helpmeplan Fri 25-May-18 12:19:43

I hope you have a fabulous day op flowers

BoreOfWhabylon Fri 25-May-18 12:34:10

Oh, how lovely!

Reminds me of when @robino got married years ago

The links to the pics no longer work though but I remember they were wonderful!
(wonders if @BelleDameSansMerci and @knickers0nmyhead are still around?)

BelleDameSansMerci Fri 25-May-18 13:17:08

Hey... Lurking on here occasionally. That was a really, really lovely day.

BoreOfWhabylon Fri 25-May-18 13:22:25

Hello Belle! It was one of the very first threads I read on Mumsnet and it sucked me in completely!

I hope OP has a similarly joyous day

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