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Would my dress look better without straps? Pic attached

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Tobleronemonster Mon 12-Mar-18 12:25:23


So this is my second dress blush Bought my first, fell in love with it, but then tried it on again and... nah, not so much. I think I just got carried away with the whole dress shopping experience grin Anyway, that dress has since been returned, so was quickly back to square one.

This is my new dress and I love it (have tried it on twice and still love it wink ) but I'm now wondering if it would be more flattering without the straps. I do like the detail, but am thinking it might be a bit much??..

Also, do you think it needs taking in more at the waist, to give me more shape? I was told it could be, but would still like to breathe.....if possible!


tortelliniforever Mon 12-Mar-18 12:28:42

Noo! The straps are what makes it special imo. It's a lovely dress. As for the waist, it's hard to tell from the photo. If it's loose take it in but comfort is important too and it looks fine.

retirednow Mon 12-Mar-18 12:29:23

It's lovely as it is, I like the straps. It can be more comfortable to wear a bra with straps. Are you wearing a veil.

Greenteandchives Mon 12-Mar-18 12:31:33

The straps are lovely. I don’t think the dress would look right without them. Strapless is less fashionable now I think.

numptynuts Mon 12-Mar-18 12:32:28

Definitely with straps. It's lovely.

OutyMcOutface Mon 12-Mar-18 12:33:34

The cups sit a bit awkwardly which makes the straps look weird.

Poppins2016 Mon 12-Mar-18 12:33:42

Definitely keep the straps, the dress would be completely different (and not for the better, in my opinion!) if you remove them.

Beautiful dress!

IAmALionTamer Mon 12-Mar-18 12:34:00

I think the straps are part of what makes this dress so lovely. My vote is that they stay.
You look beautiful by the way flowers

sashh Mon 12-Mar-18 12:34:03

It's lovely. It's nice to see straps. You don't want to look like every other bride getting married this year.

Tobleronemonster Mon 12-Mar-18 12:35:05

I think I'm wearing a veil, yes.

Stormwhale Mon 12-Mar-18 12:35:24

Definitely keep the straps. I think it needs an inch off the hips.

halfwitpicker Mon 12-Mar-18 12:36:19

Keep the straps.

HappyGirl86 Mon 12-Mar-18 12:39:18

The straps are lovely and make the shape of the dress

Tobleronemonster Mon 12-Mar-18 12:40:27

Ah, so all team strap so far then.

Outy, they do look a bit strange, don't they. I've been assured my boobs won't look bumpy on the day grin It's not been properly fitted to my body yet.

glsgow107 Mon 12-Mar-18 13:46:59

Definitely straps! They're so classy!

Tobleronemonster Mon 12-Mar-18 13:47:36

Oh and thanks for all your comments!

Mumathon Mon 12-Mar-18 14:29:13

Another vote for keep the straps!

calzone Mon 12-Mar-18 14:30:54

Definitely keep the straps.

It’s lovely.

Twodogsandahooch Mon 12-Mar-18 14:32:10

Keep the straps

Guiltypleasures001 Mon 12-Mar-18 15:00:03

Team strap here too looks lovely thanks

FrolickingForklift Mon 12-Mar-18 15:04:38

Leave the straps smile it's an absolutely beautiful dress

GinIsIn Mon 12-Mar-18 15:09:04

Definitely straps! It’s just the cups not fitting you properly yet that’s making you wonder

Tobleronemonster Mon 12-Mar-18 16:29:45

Yeah, the cups really aren't flattering. The woman in the shop said that it would be sorted, but I couldn't understand how, as it felt like one of those t shirt bras that you've had too long and they go all out of shape.

retirednow Mon 12-Mar-18 18:00:43

Can you go back for a proper fitting wearing a bra similar to the one you'd wear on the day, or the actual one, they will just take in a few nips and tucks on the bodice.

Lifeaback Mon 12-Mar-18 18:03:40

Definitely keep the straps! They're gorgeous, plus so many weddings Ive been to recently the bride has worn a strapless dress so it's nice to see something a bit different. I'm sure once it's been fitted the cups will look perfect

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