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Why did she say yes to the dress?

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Maverick66 Wed 28-Feb-18 21:44:42

DD has bought her wedding dress it is so her.

We didn't intend to buy a dress it was a wedding dress 'one day' sale and we thought it would be a chance to look at and try on dresses without pressure from sales assistants.

We thought the shop would be busy but it wasn't and DD was able to look and try on dresses albeit they were all sale sample dresses and much too big for her she is size 8.

However the dress she chose is exactly what she had discussed with us on several occasions and it is stunning on her.

Now though she has decided that perhaps she preferred the first dress she tried on as it had long sleeves and it is a winter wedding. The reason she didn't go with it was because she has a tendency to sweat a lot and she thought the dress would get too hot indoors and her tan would start to come off in sweat patches on her dress which has happened to her on nights out. The dress is a heavy crepe .

She feels that she would like to go to another shop and have the whole 'experience' of having her two bridesmaids with her and her aunt (who will most likely be offended when she discovers she has her dress bought).

What am I to do? Her dress is ordered and a £300 cash deposit paid confused
Her dress is new season stock and is truly stunning on her.

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Sarsparella Wed 28-Feb-18 21:49:36

I don’t see why you need to do anything? It’s up to your dd!

Yes it’s a bit odd when she’s bought her dress but what the hell, it’s not really hurting anyone to do a full on bridal shop experience smile

Maverick66 Wed 28-Feb-18 22:04:41

Sarsperella, surely looking and trying on other dresses is only going to confuse her.
I am paying for her dress.

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Knittedfairies Wed 28-Feb-18 22:25:34

I think I’d try to dissuade her; what would you do if she found a dress she liked even more?

Maverick66 Wed 28-Feb-18 23:35:01

That's what I'm afraid of knitted.

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SomewhereontheM6 Thu 01-Mar-18 11:44:57

Perhaps she could do a nice girls day out of bridal shoe/ lingerie/ veils instead?
Can she show them the dress so they all go ahhhhh and then they can help find the perfect accessories and have lunch.

Sarsparella Thu 01-Mar-18 15:46:59

Just tell her you’re 100% not buying another dress and leave her to it, if she’s adult enough to get married she’s adult enough to understand that smile

Maverick66 Fri 02-Mar-18 11:49:42

Thanks guys!

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AwkwardPaws27 Fri 23-Mar-18 11:02:21

If she loves the new dress, say she can give you the £300 cash deposit for the other one before you will pay anything for the new one.
Then you won't be out of pocket, and if it means that much to her she'll be happy to pay it.

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