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Bought my dress today :)

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MaitlandGirl Wed 21-Feb-18 03:11:52

I’m not 100% convinced but I know that I felt comfortable in it, didn’t feel as if I was playing dress up and didn’t feel ripped off by the price.

It’s so totally different to what I thought I wanted and it’s very confusing but I tried on what I thought was my perfect dress and hated it.

So, this is it - it was a size too big, so looks dodgy as in this photo, but everyone assured me it’ll be perfect when it fits properly.

This is what it should look like smile it’s ivory over dark almond.

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AbsolutelyCorking Wed 21-Feb-18 03:38:07

It’s lovely! Love the sweet flowers. I think it could do with some straps to give it some shape at the top, maybe some spaghetti straps could be sewn on. All the best for your wedding and a happy marriage to you and your husband to be.

Ivebeenaroundtheblock Wed 21-Feb-18 03:40:33


notangelinajolie Wed 21-Feb-18 03:42:51

It's beautiful and you look beautiful in it. Congratulations flowers

PastaOfMuppets Wed 21-Feb-18 03:49:52

It's stunning. Once it's your size and you have your accessories, you will be speechless. I hope all goes well.

thecraddock Wed 21-Feb-18 03:59:06


GinIsIn Wed 21-Feb-18 04:02:42

I HATE strapless dresses..... and I still love this! It’s beautiful!

Argeles Wed 21-Feb-18 04:13:42

That’s a gorgeous dress, and you look beautiful in it.

MaitlandGirl Wed 21-Feb-18 04:37:16

Thank you smile I really don’t want to look for another dress so I guess that must mean it’s the one.

With proper undies and the adjustments made to the dress I’m assured I’ll look as good as the model (just a few sizes bigger!).

It was only the 3rd dress I tried on and I don’t think I could find a different one I felt as good in.

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HuskyMcClusky Wed 21-Feb-18 04:44:14

It’s gorgeous and you look fab! Congratulations flowers

ElChan03 Wed 21-Feb-18 05:09:14

Beautiful and classy! You look brilliant!

BrimFire Wed 21-Feb-18 16:36:32

Really pretty dress. What sort of price range was it? I think it looks expensive.

The only thing I would say is that I can see tan lines on your top half. I would use a bit of tanning cream to even your décolletage with your shoulders.

WheresMyMuppet Wed 21-Feb-18 17:00:18

LUSH. I thought I'd decided what style I wanted. Yours has made me rethink...

sourpatchkid Wed 21-Feb-18 17:10:53

Oh I love it!! I think you look better than the model in it.

Congrats smile

DextroDependant Wed 21-Feb-18 17:13:26

It's gorgeous. Please post a picture when it's been adjusted too. It already looks lovely I would like to see the finished article.

MaitlandGirl Wed 21-Feb-18 20:27:41

Brimfire theres def tan lines - I spend all day in vest tops but will make sure I’ve covered them up for the wedding.

The dress is $2695 (AU). More than I’d wanted to spend but less than I expected to spend. That’s about £1500.

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BrimFire Wed 21-Feb-18 21:54:59

I think that's a very reasonable price for the dress. It's a bit different.
I'm sure it would re sell easily.

Post the photos when you have the final adjustments.

Lonecatwithkitten Fri 23-Feb-18 08:27:04

It's beautiful, a really good bra will make the world of difference when the dress is the right size.

KnitFastDieWarm Fri 23-Feb-18 08:30:30

Once that’s fitted to you it’s going to show of your hourglass shape beautifully! I love the design, it’s very delicate and ethereal. Pro bridal tip - make sure you have comfy shoes for the reception as you’ll be cursing heels by 6pm otherwise grin I spent 90% of my day in bare feet and r ally wish I’d just got some amazing Vivienne Westwood flats or something instead of bothering with heels and a long dress...

Saffronwblue Fri 23-Feb-18 08:57:57

That is the most beautiful fabric. What are thiking of for accessories?

MaitlandGirl Fri 23-Feb-18 11:58:54

I’m a size 16 and an F cup so will be investigating the local lingerie shop for some good supportive underwear. It needs to be something boned as the dress doesn’t have any boning in it but is a corset back so I can pull it in in all the right places.

It’s a winter wedding so I’m thinking an ivory fur shrug and muted jewellery - nothing with too much sparkle as I don’t think it’ll go with the dress. Of course, based on my experience with what I thought I wanted with the dress I’ll probably go for something completely different lol

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silkpyjamasallday Fri 23-Feb-18 12:23:50

I'm another who usually hates strapless dresses but that's absolutely beautiful OP!

MaitlandGirl Fri 23-Feb-18 13:50:10

I think it’s very much a marmite dress - you either love it or you don’t. I’ll be nearly 44 when I get married and as much as I thought I wanted s traditional wedding dress it just wasn’t right for me, I looked and felt like I was playing dress up.

There’s no train on this dress, no beading or sparkle, no hooped underskirt or heavy design elements - it’s just simple netting, satin and an embroidered chiffon overlay and I love it smile

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OldBlueStitches Fri 23-Feb-18 14:07:26

It's beautiful. And I think the dress looks better on you than the model. I'm not just saying that and it's not in response to what you said upthread. I had to double check the photos to see if it's the same dress!


Fingermoose Fri 23-Feb-18 14:30:07

Beautiful dress! I love the colour and detail. It'll be lovely OP.

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