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Thank you gifts

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cravingcake Mon 19-Feb-18 19:03:38

My wedding is coming up at the end of May and I’m starting to think about thank you gifts for our bridal party.

We have 2 best men, 2 ushers and 3 bridesmaids. Both the best men are married to 2 of our bridesmaids and we would like to get something for them all that is individual to them and with a bit of thought, with possibly the couples a ‘couple’ gift as we are all very good close friends. Maybe an experience or day out of some sort.

So ideas of things that aren’t the norm - the guys all have plenty of cufflinks and the girls have enough bridesmaid jewellery.

I’ve budgeted £200 for all the gifts but this can go up a bit for the right thing (or down if I can find a bargain).

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