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Entertaining children at a wedding

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MissKrampus Tue 13-Feb-18 23:06:24

Slidey dancefloor - hours of fun for little ones!

SpaceDinosaur Wed 31-Jan-18 23:03:04

I had a room in the main house at my wedding with two ladies running it. Full childcare, pop children in and out as they see fit.

Floor was matted, tv and video games, crafts, toys, popnup Wendy house. In the evening it became a kids chill out space and they had kids crashing out on bean bags in front of a movie.

Mine was run by two former colleagues of mine.

SharronNeedles Wed 31-Jan-18 22:38:34

Facepainters, character performers, giant scalectrix etc have all been popular with my clients

BexusSugarush Wed 31-Jan-18 15:34:15

My wedding, specifically. We have alot of under 4's coming to our wedding (with a few under 10's too) and we'd like to look into hiring some sort of soft play area/equipment to entertain them.

Has anyone had any experience with this? Someone suggested to hire with a company that also provides a qualified member of staff to watch the children, but that sounds a bit much.

I have also posted this to the Weddings group as I wasn't sure which would be the most appropriate.

Any help, contacts or even just ideas you may have are all very welcome!

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