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My dress <3

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3011152gt Tue 30-Jan-18 22:49:52

Tried my dress on tonight as I had been panic.
I really love it looks ace from the front lol

I get married in 7 weeks but it's abit tight.

Friend said it looks lovely but at the where I have my biggish but & curvy tummy it digs in & doesn't look so good.

Any tips? Shld I am exercises to trim my hips, tummy or butt? Or just general exercises & hope I can tone/slim?
I'm rubbish at diets etc blushhmm

SlowlyShrinking Tue 30-Jan-18 22:59:45

Start doing low carb high fat. You’ll lose weight and don’t need to be hungry.

LyingWitchInTheWardrobe Tue 30-Jan-18 23:03:14

Nip into Tesco/Asda and see what 'big pants' they have that are comfortable and will give you confidence on the big day. What's your dress like?

If I feel a bit bloated, I go onto salmon/mackerel fillets and salad for a few days - lay off the bread. It does the trick for me. No fruit either, it's sugar that you don't need - just veg and protein.

Congratulations! grin

GreenTulips Tue 30-Jan-18 23:03:57

Big pants are your friend!

Failing that try a hula hoop and weighted one should help

FadedRed Tue 30-Jan-18 23:09:56

Stop eating bread, substitute with crackers.
No milky drinks, (lattes,cappuccino, hot chocolates).
Lots of water.
Brisk half hour walk every day (or 6/7 have Sunday off), two miles, even if it's raining. It'll tone up your tummy and hips and make your skin look lovely.

3011152gt Wed 31-Jan-18 07:21:36

It's a lovely dress I was quite surprised as I'm not that bothered but felt great in it 😆 just a simple plain ivory with a slight shimmer of the shoulder straps & touching over the tummy. From the front it looks awesome lol

Also timed it badly & my period is due 3 days after 🤨 that will be fun in Mauritius!

Bellaposey Wed 31-Jan-18 07:24:14

Go and see your GP! You can get tablets to delay your period wink

3011152gt Wed 31-Jan-18 07:24:44

It's hips& butt that's the biggest issue I think as that's where it feels light even before lacing!

PostNotInHaste Wed 31-Jan-18 07:28:30

Your probably too young to remember it but there is something called Callanetics from the 80’s . I bought the book for a few pounds recently and found the stomach and waist exercises make a difference fast, DD has commented that my stomach has shrunk. Someone on another thread said they had been surprised at how quickly they have seen results so might be adding something like that in as well.

PostNotInHaste Wed 31-Jan-18 07:29:22

Sorry, didn’t see the bit about butt and hips till after posted.

3011152gt Wed 31-Jan-18 07:30:24

@Bellaposey don't they bloat you even more tho? I guess I could take them after wedding before we leave? But they might also make my bad PMT worse 🤪😡

3011152gt Wed 31-Jan-18 07:31:20

@PostNotInHaste I need to tone everywhere so might look it up

I got s weighted hula hoop just need to use it! Hopefully trying the dress on has motivated me grin

ILostItInTheEarlyNineties Wed 31-Jan-18 07:50:54

You will need to cut your calorie intake to lose an inch off your hips for the big day. Exercise alone won't make much difference. If you can't stick to any sort of "diet" then simplify it by just cutting out say chocolate, biscuits, cake and crisp? Or whatever your downfall is!
Alternatively try a meal replacement like Slim Fast in the last few weeks before your wedding.

As for the period problem.. if you're on the contraceptive pill just run the packs together without a break. Alternatively ask your gp for Northisterone. It's unlikely to cause side effects such as bloating when taken for a short time.

To avoid water retention, cut down on salt and refined carbs and increase your intake of vitB6 and magnesium.

Good luck wink

3011152gt Wed 31-Jan-18 08:00:04

@ILostItInTheEarlyNineties thank you!

thanks all I will try to keep you up dated feel free to nag me 🤪

Changerst Wed 31-Jan-18 08:00:29

Diet will be the best thing to do and in 7 weeks you can easily lose half a stone by cutting down by 500kcal a day. Sign up for my fitness pal and track your food. If you combine diet and exercise then you'll only need to eat about 250cal a day less. Good luck.

ILostItInTheEarlyNineties Wed 31-Jan-18 08:17:56

Just losing a few pounds will make a difference. Maybe try your dress on every week as motivation?

If you're really struggling and panicking about it though could you change the dress? There's no point making yourself miserable in the run up or feeling uncomfortable on your wedding day. See how you go over the next week or so. You still have time to decide.

I think you can buy tablets to get rid of bloating /water retention? Just to take the week before. It might be worth asking at a pharmacy if that's something you suffer with.

VenusStarr Wed 31-Jan-18 21:17:47

I was you last week! Had my dress fitting for wedding in April and it's too tight at the back (zip is about an inch off going up fully) and it just sat over my stomach. I loved it when I first tried it.

Ive got a big thread in chat where I got loads of good advice. Am doing a low carb high fat boot camp. First few days I felt less bloated. It's only today for some reason I'm having a bad day (stick yo the diet but I'm v bloated, sorry, tmi!!)

You just need to be prepared and I'm craving toast! It's been fairly easy to cut our sweet things, but I'm missing pasta and potatoes. But it's for the greater good!

I've upped my gym going too, have been 4 times sInce Saturday - running 4/5k for about 30 minutes and went for a 20 minute swim yesterday. I'm hoping to tone up a bit and that might help.

I've also invested in proper spanx and will be having one of those wraps a couple of days before my next fitting. I'm also going to the sauna a few times to sweat the fat out grin

You can do it!! smile

LyingWitchInTheWardrobe Thu 01-Feb-18 11:13:40

Venus Wow! If that doesn't get the job done, I don't know what would. Tremendous effort. grin

3011, Your dress sounds lovely and at least your period is due after that dress will be worn and safely packed away. I can't think of anything worse than a light coloured dress and a period; a perfectly dreadful storm. shock

Fournickate Thu 01-Feb-18 11:15:45

You can easily lose a stone in 7 weeks. Just restrict your calories, do more exercise and try to eat well.

VenusStarr Thu 01-Feb-18 13:14:06

@LyingWitchInTheWardrobe here's hoping!

I've only lost a lb this week but I have gone from the third belt loop to the last one!! So in a week I think I've lost an inch of bloat smile

3011152gt Thu 01-Feb-18 13:41:35

Seriously most people can loose but I am awful at diets: healthy eating: excercise I blushgoing to try but also investigating akteratikns

VenusStarr Thu 01-Feb-18 17:54:03

@3011152gt you can do it. I usually don't stick to things but getting in my wedding dress and feeling good on the day is a great motivator! Honestly when I feel like giving up on the treadmill I think about my dressing and how tight it was and it keeps me going.

The thing with a diet i think is pick one and go for it. The lowcarb is a bit dull but it's easy to do. I need some inspiration for meal ideas but essentially it's meat and two veg - just no potatoes!

3011152gt Fri 09-Feb-18 07:25:26

Found my dress on eBay so I can show you all

3011152gt Fri 09-Feb-18 07:27:33

Here's some more

When I wear it it looks great from front
Side shows my tum
Back digs in because I have a big but! grin going to get it let out so I don't worry

Big me up I did 20min Work out this morning! Whoop one from my Fitbit app & a kettlebell one. Felt it working but I am crap at push up just can't do them!!

ILostItInTheEarlyNineties Fri 09-Feb-18 17:54:52

It's a beautiful dress smile
Good plan getting it let out. It looks like it's got a bit of give with the lace up bit (sorry don't know the technical name!) at the back so you could have it tighter or looser depending on how well the diet goes!

Well done on the workout.

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