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Unusual location for ceremony?

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MissKrampus Sat 20-Jan-18 11:54:00

Just wondering if anyone here had (or is planning on having) their ceremony in a place that's a bit more out of the ordinary? So, not in a church/hotel/registry office/castle type of place? I'm talking an outdoor location, somewhere picturesque.

I am a volunteer at a nature reserve. I have always fancied getting married in a wood or something similar (a la Braveheart). And it suddenly occurred to me that maybe we could get married at the reserve! In Scotland people can get married anywhere I believe. I haven't said anything to the person who manages the place although we were discussing weddings recently! The place is run by a charity so I'd have to ask them and afaik they have never held any weddings at their reserves. I didn't see anything online about it anyway. I don't think they'd have to do anything per se either, I'd just have to arrange the registrar and we'd go in and do the ceremony. I even know where I'd like it to happen. Not sure if there would be any costs involved as it is open to the public and we wouldn't need anything from them. The only thing we'd need perhaps is a tarp put up in case it rains. It's also very close to a restaurant we could go to for lunch afterwards.

What do you think? Am I completely nuts?

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LadyPenelopeCantDance Sat 20-Jan-18 12:01:19

Don’t think you are just at all, it sounds lovely!

Where in the country are you? As you say, in Scotland, you can legally marry anywhere with a humanist celebrant. Unfortunately in England it is not legal so you would have to get legally married in a registry office before or after to do the legal bit, which is what we done.

Our humanist was fantastic. We met her, got to know her, she asked about our lives together and wrote a completely personalised ceremony for us. Our guests commented it was the nicest and most personalised wedding ceremony they had witnessed too, and we loved every minute of it too. Would recommend looking at the Humanist Society website which will explain what it’s about should you choose to do this.

Enjoy your planning!

Notasperfectasallothermners Sat 20-Jan-18 12:05:51

We nearly got married in a lighthouse with a registrar but didn't have the day we wanted!!

Bitchywaitress Sat 20-Jan-18 12:09:06

You can have a civil ceremony anywhere in Scotland now as well!

I got married outdoors and it was wonderful. Just make sure you have an indoor back up just in case.

MissKrampus Sun 21-Jan-18 17:03:15

I'm in Scotland! So ideally placed. I have never wanted a big fancy wedding (can't afford it anyway) so something low key is required, with a small group of family and friends present. We'd considered eloping (Vegas possibly) but I think my mum would be upset if I did that. So I think this idea could be a possibility. IF they'll let me. As I said I don't think they've held weddings at their reserves before so I'm not sure if they'd be happy to let us do it or not. I guess there's only one way of finding out! Not said anything to my DP yet but we had jokingly spoken about a Game of Thrones still woodland wedding when we first met haha.

My DB got married a couple of years ago and had a humanist ceremony, their wedding was in a stately home though. I was never sure if you could just find a random hill or something you liked the look of and get married there, if there was restrictions.

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Bitchywaitress Mon 22-Jan-18 12:33:54

No real restrictions but the place has to be safe and appropriate. For example if you wanted to get married in a strip bar they would probably say no. You also can't have a civil ceremony in a religious premises.

Other than that you can get married anywhere! You do have to name the place on the paperwork; as in you can't just rock up somewhere on the day with your celebrant.

Costs will be somewhere about the £400 mark for the celebrant, plus £90 to give notice and for the certificate.

allegretto Mon 22-Jan-18 12:35:16

Just have a bad weather back up plan!

VileyRose Tue 06-Feb-18 16:15:56

A Scottish wedding is still recognised as legal in the UK?! We are getting married (handfasting) in skye

MissKrampus Thu 08-Feb-18 21:51:03

Yes, VileyRose? Scotland is part of the UK after all.

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afrikat Thu 08-Feb-18 21:55:25

We got married at a geological museum in Edinburgh at the foot of Arthur's Seat. Our pictures were taken in Holyrood Park with the Crags in the background. It was awesome

Fluffyears Thu 08-Feb-18 21:55:29

Google crear wee weddings. My wedding is there in 8 weeks!

VileyRose Mon 05-Mar-18 14:20:43

Yes, VileyRose? Scotland is part of the UK after all

I know since I have booked one. Sorry my reply was to someone else.

Ours is outside on a mountain side in Skye.

Huffpot Mon 05-Mar-18 20:39:11

I'm getting married in Skye too in May 😁

LRL2017 Mon 05-Mar-18 20:46:12

Sounds amazing. We got married on stage at the RSC and loved having something different!

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