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Wedding hair despair

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GerardNoWay Wed 10-Jan-18 20:26:17

I'm on the hunt for someone to do my hair and make up for my wedding.

Problem is...I really don't know what on earth could be done to my hair that is bridal-like.

Although I have quite a lot of hair and from about an inch from my roots down it looks's really thin on top. Like see my scalp thin. Up or down, all you can see is a bald looking patch where my parting is.

I despair. I've been checked out medically, stopped washing my hair so often, used all sorts of lotions and potions.

I'm starting to think my only option of having lovely luscious wedding hair would be to have a wig and the thought makes me feel so sad!

NapQueen Wed 10-Jan-18 20:30:22

Could you wear some sort of headband or slide that is strategically placed?

peachypetite Wed 10-Jan-18 20:30:44

Book in for a trial. My hair is fine but the lady did such a great job on my wedding day!

NapQueen Wed 10-Jan-18 20:31:25

Or a short veil with flower?

GerardNoWay Wed 10-Jan-18 20:37:24

The veil is bought and is one that sits at the back. I wanted a long veil as I need to break up my broad shoulders as wearing a strapless dress

As you can probably tell, I didn't get a huge amount of positive genes from the pool...

A headband sort of thing might be a good shout. I had thought of extensions, I normally have my hair length between chin and collar bones, but then I thought they might weigh my hair down!

A few months ago I bought some hair fibres which I have used on occasion which you sprinkle on to the bald patch. It works well but am concerned that I'll end up with all the tiny fibres stuck to my dress and it will look gross!

FadedRed Wed 10-Jan-18 23:51:47

My friend has thinning hair on top and has a small hairpiece that just clips into her hair on top and blends in with her natural hair. It really is not noticeable, I mean you wouldn't know it wasn't her own hair if you didn't know what her own hair usually looks like. So not a full wig. Maybe that might be an option?

HumbleCrumble Thu 11-Jan-18 10:10:51

Mention your worries to potential hairdressers when you contact them, they may have dealt with similar issues before and be able to offer advice.

WinkyisbackontheButterBeer Thu 11-Jan-18 13:24:03

No advice but I LOVE your veil. smile
Congratulations and have a wonderful day. flowers

pinkyredrose Sun 11-Mar-18 21:11:44

I have the same problem with my parting and ive taken to dusting my parting with grey/brown eyeshadow . Try it, it really works!

pompomcat Sun 11-Mar-18 21:26:18

Hi OP. Congratulations on your wedding.
I second what @FadedRed and @HumbleCrumble sympathetic (ie didnt say "oooooh your hair is soooo thin" like so many hairdressers do, to make conversation I suppose but it's really hard to hear!) and talented hairdresser was able to work wonders on my (awful) hair for my wedding day using clip in hair extensions, piling the updo high and hiding the bonds really cleverly. I had two trials and we took lots of pics to remind her what to do on the day. She is in West Sussex if you are close and do need a recommendation, but if not I have Googled previously and there are some people who specialise in cutting/styling for those with thin hair / hair loss etc.
Good luck finding someone and all the best for a lovely, happy day thanks

DiscoMoo Tue 13-Mar-18 20:32:00

I’ve really fine hair and I had clip in hair extensions. They were AMAZING! I just wish my hair was always like that.

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