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Costco Wedding Cake?

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Outnumberedmum4 Sun 17-Dec-17 20:33:35

So my h2b and I love Costco cake and thought it might be a good idea to get a wedding cake from there except we can't find anything online (only cheesecakes). Our nearest Costco is over an hour away, we both work full time and we have 4 children so thought I would ask before we make the stressful journey there!

T.I.A. smile

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Hauntedlobster Sun 17-Dec-17 21:48:25

I’ve never seen a wedding cake, just hit rectangles and carrot, red velvet etc

Lanaa Sun 17-Dec-17 21:58:56

They have lots of cake, the huge rectangle ones for covered in fake cream for about 8.99, carrot, chocolate fudge, walnut and a red velvet cake for about £9.99

None of them are very special though. Not really weddingy. Although they do decorate/personalise the large rectangle ones if ordered a few days in advance.

Twofishfingers Sun 17-Dec-17 22:03:28

Last wedding I went to had a M&S cake and it was gorgeous

Outnumberedmum4 Mon 18-Dec-17 09:07:05

Thank you for your replies. It doesn't sound promising so maybe give it a miss! The M&S cakes look lovely - love the fact you can get smaller cutting cakes!

Thanks again smile

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Mamabear14 Tue 19-Dec-17 09:48:00

My wedding cake came from asda! £35 and was delicious.

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