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How long is/will your wedding video be?

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Nearlynewlywed Thu 02-Nov-17 20:48:17

I am having difficulty deciding on a videographer or even what I want. The video is really important to me as I love looking back on these things and it is all I will really have left after the day along with the photos.

The problem is, I didn't anticipate that there would be so much choice and variance in what is offered. I have noticed that most people seem to offer a trailer of a about 1-3 minutes and then a final edit of 10-12 minutes. I am really surprised that for the money and length of the day, you would only receive as little as 10 minutes film. I don't see how you could capture everything and am worried I wonder what has been missed off/left wanting more.

That said, a lot of the videos I have seen of this length have been pretty amazing and very compelling to watch.

I have found a couple of videographers who offer an edit which is a lot longer - up to 60-80 minutes, and a couple who do around 20 minutes, but the problem is, none of them have any examples of videos of this length on their websites and tend only to put the trailers or shorter edits up, so it is difficult to envisage what it would turn out like. My other worry is that actually, 60-80 minutes of video may be a little boring to watch after the first time and a bit less snappy/effective.

Anyone have any thoughts or experience? Thanks

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BackforGood Fri 03-Nov-17 01:11:37

I was expecting for you to be asking if several hours was too long grin

I got married a LONG time ago, and our video starts with guests arriving at the Church, then me arriving at the Church, (prob 7 or 8 mins in total?), then cuts to the service (so about 40mins of that) then cuts to a bit of general mingling / having photos taken (poss about 4 or 5 mins?) then there are the speeches (8 or 9 mins?), then cutting the cake (another min or two) then the first dance (3mins). So ours lasts probably just over an hour. Oh, and it cost nothing as dh's brother just stood there with his Dad's video camera, then they downloaded it on to a VHS tape.

How would 10mins record your day ? confused

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