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No gifts - but contribute something to the wedding if you want?

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kumamon Tue 24-Oct-17 14:22:11

We are getting married next August and it'll be a very DIY affair - a marquee in a field and guests bringing their own tents to camp overnight. The guest list is around 150 thanks to my huge family, and we're on a tight budget. So it'll be a cheap and cheerful day, and we won't ask for anything other than people's presence, and maybe BYOB!

But we've already had a few offers from people who would like to help out towards the wedding as a way of giving us a gift- e.g. we've had quite a few offers to make desserts. I'm fine with that and like the idea of guests who want to maybe bringing some food, or making decorations etc. But it would need to be organised somehow.

Has anyone done anything like this? Any tips? Did anyone get cash contributions towards their wedding?

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BackforGood Tue 24-Oct-17 18:04:25

We had quite few people do things for our wedding...... someone drove us in his nice car, someone made the wedding cake, someone made my dress, someone else made the bridesmaid dresses, friends did the flowers, and so on. Others gave us gifts of their time/skill for our home.... someone built a patio for us, someone else did the flooring in the kitchen grin .
I loved it, and remember all those gifts rather than who gave us the casserole dish or colander.
I think you just have to be really organised with lists or spreadsheets, or - preferably!- delegate other people close to you to co-ordinate particular bits of the day...... your parents, siblings, or friends or of course your dh2b's side.... you'll know their capabilities and how much you can trust them, or how much they'd like to / not really want to. Someone to be in charge of the practical things like putting up the marquee, arranging the seating, arranging the toilets, lighting, heating (?)...... someone to co-ordinate transport.... someone to co-ordinate offers of food...... etc. For a big 'do' like that, it might be a lot of work to do on your own without much help.

kumamon Sat 04-Nov-17 18:51:34

Thank you BackforGood! That's really helpful. Sorry it took me ages to reply.

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