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Top table - do we have to stick to tradition?

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chamenanged30 Sat 02-Sep-17 09:49:56

My parents would feel much happier to sit next to each other rather than mixed up with partners parents.

Will it be ok to have:
MotB, FotB, bride, groom, MotG, FotG

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TheDowagerCuntess Sat 02-Sep-17 09:50:40

Of course. You can actually do what you want!

Fancyaruck Sat 02-Sep-17 09:50:55

Yes. Your wedding, do what you want. smile

Kr1stina Sat 02-Sep-17 09:51:21

My dear, if you are paying for it you can whatever you want.

If others are sharing the cost, it's polite to agree with them.

As for tradition, that doesn't matter at all.

PastysPrincess Sat 02-Sep-17 09:51:21

It's your wedding, do what you want. End of discussion. grin

Paddington68 Sat 02-Sep-17 09:51:27

My sister did this both times she got married.

chamenanged30 Sat 02-Sep-17 09:51:46

Ok thank you. I've been trying to tell myself that but know they'll be various comments uttered under breath.

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Believeitornot Sat 02-Sep-17 09:52:17

We only had the bridesmaids and best men at the top table. Parents sat on another table.

It was great.

sooperdooper Sat 02-Sep-17 09:52:34

God yeah, do whatever you want!

We didn't actually have a top table, I've been a bridesmaid loads of times and hate sitting in a line so you can't really chat to everyone!

We had a round table same as everyone else's with both sets of parents but in the middle of the room with all the others around us, it was lovely smile

TooDamnSarky Sat 02-Sep-17 09:53:04

We had people sitting on BOTH sides of top table.

Bobbiepin Sat 02-Sep-17 10:02:36

DH and I sat with our friends, his parents sat with their friends, ny mum sat with her friends and my dad sat with his mum and people we didn't like that much, because he's a dick and didn't get a say in it!

Best. Choice. Ever. We had a great night with our friends and didn't feel like we missed out on the party at all.

MamaOfTwos Sat 02-Sep-17 10:13:02

No one will care- go for it

Justabadwife Sat 02-Sep-17 10:30:25

Do what you want, its your day smile
Our top table went (left to right)
My brother, my mum, my dad, me, DH, his mum, his dad, best man, an usher.

PaperdollCartoon Sat 02-Sep-17 20:19:25

All the weddings I've been to recently the top table has been like this. Brides family together on her side, and vice verse.

jenniuol Sat 02-Sep-17 20:42:11

Honestly do whatever you feel happiest with. At my wedding dh and I were in the middle then to my side I had my MOH, mum, Dad and brother. On dh's side he had dss, his best man and his dad. It was great.

BeyondThePage Sat 02-Sep-17 20:45:54

We had all sorts of mutterings at ours - but did not give a monkeys - my mum, her partner, my dad and stepmum, his mum, his dad and stepmum, DH brother as best man with his wife and 1 year old... we had an interesting top table.

RoganJosh Sat 02-Sep-17 20:48:46

There are a few 'alternative to tradition' layouts out there too - it's defitly not just you! We had a table with just our mothers, in the middle of the room.

Other ideas though:

RoganJosh Sat 02-Sep-17 20:49:28

*definitely. Gah.

TittyGolightly Sat 02-Sep-17 20:50:51

We did exactly this. Our parents don't get on. (There's usually at least 300 miles between them, son or usually something to worry about!)

Hastalapasta Sat 02-Sep-17 20:53:17

Sure, we had a u-shaped configuration, used both sides of the table, I sat next to DH and my parents, in-laws opposite, and party animals at the ends of the tables, was a fab party!

plantsitter Sat 02-Sep-17 21:00:19

As a bridesmaid I had to sit on the end next to a shy 9 year old girl for the whole meal once. It was SO BORING. And all in the name of tradition (I would be able to make conversation with a 9 year old now, but I was in my early 20s then).

Doobigetta Sun 03-Sep-17 10:39:39

We're not having a top table, we're going to sit on a big round table, the same as everyone else- me and partner and our parents. I hate the way long thin tables mean you can only talk to the people sitting on either side of you. Also I've always thought it must be shit for the best man and chief bridesmaid to have to sit with the B&G's family rather than their own friends and partners. So we aren't doing that.

Only1scoop Sun 03-Sep-17 10:42:53

Ugh top tables do folk still do that? With side sprigs....

Round tables

Love em'

TowerRose Sun 10-Sep-17 21:53:21

My sister did this for her wedding and no-one batted an eyelid smile

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