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Would you be bored at my wedding?

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blueberrymojito Wed 23-Aug-17 21:58:53

I'm having a last minute panic about our wedding plans - we only ever wanted something fairly small and intimate but I'm worried we've not really considered our guests enough.

We're getting married in our local church at 5pm, having around 60 guests and then a 'light' reception at a local restaurant, where we've hired part of the restaurant (it's a barn conversion and a lovely setting).

We should be arriving at the reception venue at around 6pm and we're having a drinks reception on arrival (cocktails) however we're not having a sit down meal, but a nice 'buffet' type set up.

There won't be a seating plan but lots of tables, couches to sit on. We plan to decorate the place with bunting, fairy lights etc. There will be a cake but we don't want speeches etc (two very dysfunctional families!).

Here's the thing, we haven't planned to have a DJ or a band, we will have music playing but there isn't a dance floor or anything, and we just hope people will eat, drink, chat, catch up etc. If it's a nice day there's an outside bar and gardens. I assume the last people will stay until 10/11pm ish (hopefully no later!) as we really just want something intimate and 'us'. We're then off to spend the night in a lovely hotel before heading off on our honeymoon.

Should we do more for our guests? I'm worried people are going to be bored because they can't dance or because there's no funny speeches etc. If I was going to the wedding as a guest it would be perfect for me, I had full day weddings and DJs, but I realise most people like that sort of thing!

ivykaty44 Wed 23-Aug-17 22:05:40

Sounds wonderful
No bloody loud disco that no one can actually talk over

whiteroseredrose Wed 23-Aug-17 22:09:48

Sounds perfect to me.

RandomMess Wed 23-Aug-17 22:15:11

Sounds absolutely fine!

DancesWithOtters Wed 23-Aug-17 22:16:11

I would much rather go to your wedding than a cheesy disco style party.

Have a lovely time smile

orangeowls Wed 23-Aug-17 22:16:16

Nope it sounds lovely to me smile

Pigletthedog Wed 23-Aug-17 22:18:05

Sounds great to me! No stilted conversations at tables with people you don't know, no boring/cringey 'funny' speeches, no shit dancing to 'come on Eileen'.. What's not to like?!

MrsOH04 Wed 23-Aug-17 22:18:21

Sounds lovely smile

honeysucklejasmine Wed 23-Aug-17 22:18:50

Perfect! I hate the evening do part of a wedding. Too often my table is taken away to create a dancefloor, and it's too loud to talk anymore.

Sittingonthefence83 Wed 23-Aug-17 22:23:39

Yes!!! I'd love to go to your wedding, so nice and intimate. I personally get so bored by the carbon copy weddings that happen all the time now.

kkkkaty123 Wed 23-Aug-17 22:23:53

Lovely. Have a wonderful day !

wheresthel1ght Wed 23-Aug-17 22:36:48

Sounds fab to me!

NataliaOsipova Wed 23-Aug-17 22:40:46

Sounds smashing. Nothing more boring than the whole "set piece" things, so I think you have the right idea.

semideponent Wed 23-Aug-17 22:48:19

Sounds just like mine. Fifteen years later I haven't heard any complaints. Cutting the noise and the seating plan worked really well for us.

Noopey08 Wed 23-Aug-17 23:24:09

Gosh it sounds lovely. You have nothing to worry about. And trust me, if your friends and family want to dance the lack of an official dance floor won't stop them!

The only think I would say is you and your partner might want to say a short, relaxed speech together. Even if it's just to stand up and say thank you to everyone for coming. Just thinking about the big occasions I've been to (weddings, birthdays, anniversaries even funerals) having no speech, however informal it may be, always feels a little odd. It's just a lovely chance to actually say to everyone how much you appreciate them. As cheesy as that may sound. But it's your day and your call.

Have the most fantastic time x

paap1975 Thu 24-Aug-17 09:44:56

It sounds lovely. I hope you have a wonderful day!

SarahH12 Wed 27-Sep-17 07:57:51

It sounds lovely!! I'd love to come to a wedding like yours!

SarahH12 Wed 27-Sep-17 07:58:33

Oops, didn't realise when this was written. Have you had your wedding yet?

FiveBoys Wed 27-Sep-17 07:59:54

It sounds fabulous.

You're going to have a lovely day.

ColossalKalamari Wed 27-Sep-17 08:01:20

I'd be pretty bored tbh and probably leave quite quickly. You should definitely say a few words if even to thank your guests for coming. They've shelled out on clothes, presents, transport - the least you could do is let them know you appreciate it

IfYouGoDownToTheWoodsToday Wed 27-Sep-17 08:14:56

I think it sounds lovely, but I too would be a bit worried that sitting from 6 - 11 is rather a long time to mingle and chat. So three things:

1. In the olden days grin, the bride and groom left before everyone else. I'd do the same if I were you, no one will know when they're supposed to leave and may think they have to stay until closing time. If you left around 10.00, they can then all leave.

2. You and/or your Dh should make a little speech. Just thanking everyone for coming. I think that's really important. It only needs to be a minute or two.

3. Would you consider a few games? They are cheap and would just mean there ware options to do something. I went to a wedding recently, they got a giant Jenga, a (transportable) darts board, which was very popular and some other board games and packs of cards. They all went down really well.

Ragwort Wed 27-Sep-17 08:21:15

Sounds totally great, I have been bored senseless at so many weddings with big formal seating plans, long boring speeches, identical meals of bland chicken etc etc. I have never even stayed for a 'disco' shudder.

The idea of being able to move around, chat to different people etc sounds lovely. A very short 'thank you' speech would probably be appropriate and agree with the suggestion that you and groom should probably leave around 9ish to allow other guests to feel they can leave too.

Have a wonderful day.

Lottapianos Wed 27-Sep-17 08:21:59

Sounds wonderful OP. I love the no seating plan and no DJ idea. Plenty of food and booze and plenty of places to sit and you'll be fine

I agree with others that the two of you saying a few words would be a good idea. It could just be along the lines of 'thank you all so much for coming - please eat, drink and be merry!'. You don't have to include any gushy stuff if you don't want to. Enjoy your wedding!

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Wed 27-Sep-17 08:22:49

Sounds like my perfect wedding. I shudder at the mention of a evening discogrin

Have a lovely day flowers

juneybean Wed 27-Sep-17 08:24:47

The only people who danced at my wedding were the toddlers and then my mother once she was suitably drunk.

Your wedding sounds amazing!

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