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Gift ideas for parents of the bride?

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PerUnaStubbs Wed 06-Sep-17 12:35:03

Maybe a lovely childhood photo of the three of you, in a silver frame?

OculusReparo Mon 04-Sep-17 17:04:28

@justtheonethen Olive trees are a fab idea. If you don't mind my asking, where did you buy them from? Might see if I can buy some for my parents when I'm in London tbusmile

BabiesOnTheBrain1 Sun 13-Aug-17 09:16:33

Some great suggestions there, thank you all!
NapQueen that's fab! I would have loved that but unfortunately it hasn't happened for us yet to be able to do that smile I'm hoping that could be their Christmas gift!

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TheScottishPlay Sat 12-Aug-17 18:17:56

A short break somewhere they like or wish to visit. They will be stressed and tired assisting with arrangements and making sure things go well for you.

cravingcake Sat 12-Aug-17 18:12:13

A posh hamper with cheese, crackers, chutney etc, plus a bottle of a decent wine. Not too expensive and easy to do and can be personalised to their tastes. Can give with flowers as well.

NapQueen Wed 09-Aug-17 16:08:24

We announced during the speech that their first grandkid was on the way!

MrsCaecilius Wed 09-Aug-17 16:05:44

I commissioned an artist to paint a botanical sketch of some of the flowers from my bouquet for my mum. She loved it (and it really wasn't expensive!!)

justtheonethen Wed 09-Aug-17 10:38:32

We bought olive trees for the parents. They came wrapped and ribboned and have actually produced olives!

NoParticularPattern Wed 09-Aug-17 10:30:18

I got m mum a huge bunch of flowers from my most favourite florist in the whole world (she did the church flowers too but a friend offered to do the reception ones). She also had a Betty's afternoon tea voucher in them as a bit of an extra. I still feel like I should have given more to her but I couldn't think!!

Dad got an engraved pocket watch (which I managed to forget to give him on the day haha!)

BabiesOnTheBrain1 Wed 09-Aug-17 08:43:43

As the title says really, I need some ideas for gifts to give my parents on the wedding day?
They've both been massively helpful, and made a very generous financial contribution for us to spend as we pleased, no strings attached. So we would like to show our appreciation smile I had thought flowers but now in two minds..

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