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Do you have to have a maid of honour?

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littlemissM92 Sat 01-Jul-17 08:09:06

Just that really it can I just have 2 bridesmaids? Is there a difference I'm missing other than MOH can help with jobs any stressful stuff on the day but I know both of them would be happy to help equally anyhow ? X

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ElspethFlashman Sat 01-Jul-17 08:11:31

One of them usually signs the register as a witness. That's the difference. So if you can get someone else completely to do that, then they are both the exact same on the day.

AvengingGerbil Sat 01-Jul-17 08:19:01

You don't have to have bridesmaids either.

TheChineseChicken Sat 01-Jul-17 08:19:05

I didn't have one and someone else entirely signed the register as my witness

Rioja123 Sat 01-Jul-17 08:21:26

What a load of rubbish that one normally signs the register - have whoever you like to sign it!

KoolKoala07 Sat 01-Jul-17 08:23:48

Nope I didn't. I had my 2 sisters and SIL as bridesmaids and didn't feel it fair to give one of them a different title. my mum and FIL were witnesses.

RelaxMax Sat 01-Jul-17 08:25:28

I've never seen a MOH sign a register, it's usually the parents.

Absolutely no need to have a MOH, I didn't.

thecapitalsunited Sat 01-Jul-17 08:42:13

I didn't have any bridesmaids. My brother signed the register.

My SIL had the one bridesmaid and I don't think she was referred to as MOH. She didn't sign the register either.

ineedamoreadultieradult Sat 01-Jul-17 08:47:02

You don't have to have anything (except for some to marry, a registrar and some witnesses). Do what you want not what you think you should it will make your day a lot happier.

UnderneaththeArchers Sat 01-Jul-17 08:54:39

No, and you don't need bridesmaids at all - I didn't. Always go with what you actually want rather than what other people do.

DrSpin Sat 01-Jul-17 08:57:12

I was calleda MOH at one wedding as I was married. I was told that was the difference?
Have what you like op!

stumblymonkeyagain Sat 01-Jul-17 08:58:11

No. I've chosen not to have any bridesmaids, page boys, flower girls or maid of honour.

stumblymonkeyagain Sat 01-Jul-17 09:00:19

Our mothers are signing the register as I'm peeved that fathers get to be on the register by law and mothers don't. Especially as my father was an abusive arsehole. I'm going to tell the registrar I didn't know my father (haven't seen him since I was 10 and now he's dead) but that's a whole different thread.

TheWeeWitch Sat 01-Jul-17 09:04:04

You can do whatever you like. I had no bridesmaids and had my BFF sign the register, and I signed the register at my sister's wedding where she had four bridesmaids!

ememem84 Sat 01-Jul-17 09:08:49

I didn't have a moh. Two bridesmaids and both my bils signed the register.

littlemissM92 Sat 01-Jul-17 09:09:59

Thanks everyone just to clarify I really want them both to be bridesmaid just would rather not have one a higher title over the other. I'm getting married in a registry office do you still have a witness sign I didn't even no this can it be my mum?!

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ineedamoreadultieradult Sat 01-Jul-17 09:14:25

Yes you need two witnesses to sign the register it can be anyone as long as they are an adult (not sure if it's over 16 or over 18)

Frazzled2207 Sat 01-Jul-17 09:48:49

Pretty sure you can have your mum. You need two, we chose one uncle and one aunt.

thecapitalsunited Sat 01-Jul-17 10:01:26

You need two witnesses to sign the register. They just need to be adults present at the ceremony. DH and I both had our brothers. I was witness at my brother's wedding as was my SIL's grandfather. I was at a wedding this weekend where the register was signed by both mothers.

Traditionally the maid/matron of honour and the best man were the witnesses but I think people are starting to move away from that.

littlemissM92 Sat 01-Jul-17 10:24:37

I like the idea of both mums please could some of u go over to my other thread of wedding dos and donts I would SO appreciate your advise x

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