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Covering arms with strapless dress

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Nottsangel2015 Thu 11-May-17 16:13:22

So I have purchased a strapless wedding dress which I absolutely adore and feels so amazing on and flatters my figure etc the only problem is I have flabby bingo wings which i hate.

Would a shrug look ok and if so would you recommend a Lacey ivory one or satin one with the attached dress? Both would be with short cap sleeves.

triangularchocolate Thu 11-May-17 22:08:56

I hate cap sleeves as I think they accentuate a flabby arm. I had a strapless dress and got lace sleeves made which were attached with press studs as I wouldn't have felt comfortable with my arms out. I originally thought I'd get a bolero but I didn't find a nice one and felt they spoiled the look of the dress.

That said, get whatever you think looks good and you feel comfortable in - I'd go for lace over satin!

triangularchocolate Thu 11-May-17 22:09:29

Gorgeous dress BTW!

OlennasWimple Thu 11-May-17 22:11:39

That is a lovely dress!

I agree with everything that triangular says, particularly about cap sleeves being particularly unflattering to those of us with larger arms

Do you want something that will match the dress, or would you be open to something contrasting?

Nottsangel2015 Fri 12-May-17 07:18:06

Hi guys thank you for the replies. The cap sleeve thing makes sense. I don't want a long sleeve either as wedding is in June and don't want to be too hot. Suggestions?

Wimple what did you have in mind lol

I just wanted to say tho I wanted something that isn't going to take too much away from the dress as I do love the style so much x

triangularchocolate Fri 12-May-17 07:55:50

These were my sleeves - I got married in March but the room was very warm and the sleeves weren't a problem - probably more cooling than a bolero. I thought they complemented the dress really well, but it's down to you feeling comfortable (and fabulous)!

Nottsangel2015 Fri 12-May-17 11:40:34

The dress looks lovely triangular! Did a dressmaker add them on? If so how much did that cost? X

parklives Fri 12-May-17 11:50:50

I wore a short (elbow) length veil with matching lace (dress maker made it to match dress).
I wore the veil at the top/back of my head and draped it over my shoulders (if that makes sense).
Once on I secured it in place by tiny hooks onto the shoulders of the dress, covering my upper arms.
Sound restrictive, but it really worked.
I didn't feel like I was covering up which sometimes draws attention to the area you don't want to draw attention to.
I did have to wear the veil all day/night, but I that was fine, and it was short so wasn't any hindrance on the dance floor smile

Piffpaffpoff Fri 12-May-17 11:54:53

I had what the dressmaker called a circle I think - it was a stole that came with the dress and she just sewed the ends together and I wore it like a wee bolero jacket and then took it off for the evening once I'd had a few and didn't care.

AlmostNQT Fri 12-May-17 12:03:00

You can get bridal "crop tops" to go over wedding dresses. So it's sleeves and a little crop top style top, so it doesn't take away from your dress!

Nottsangel2015 Fri 12-May-17 14:27:29

Thank you I shall look at all of those!

Parklives what a great idea! I'm not having a veil as we are only getting married in a registry office :-(

triangularchocolate Fri 12-May-17 16:32:45

The shop my dress was from was an outlet that does their own in house alterations so they made the sleeves - all alterations including sleeves were £160, which included taking the dress in at the bust and shortening the train. I nearly bought the crop top style cover up which was slightly off the shoulder and half length sleeves but it covered the bodice and neckline a bit and I thought the sleeves were much nicer.

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