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Making our own wedding invites - Which dye cutting machine?

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WannabeCountryBumpkin Wed 29-Mar-17 15:09:11

Hello lovely mums!

I wonder if anyone has any experience with dye cutting machines?
I have my design for our save the dates (picture attached) which i want to be cut out around the leaves and berries.

I have looked at the silhouette portrait / cameo - these both look great and the only difference seems to be that the portrait has a narrower cutting area... and of course the price!

I really want to print the design on really good quality card - maybe 260-300gsm.
Does anybody know if this cutting machine will cut though card that thick? or has anyone tried?

Im new to this whole dye cutting thing so any other advice would be amazing!! smile

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Soon2bC Thu 30-Mar-17 10:45:25

ahhh Love the mistletoe.

My niece has her own business and she uses the Cricut for her work, she cuts vinyl, paper and card on hers. Might be worth seeing if your local craft shop holds demos so you can have a try before you buy

mummymi Tue 25-Apr-17 07:58:46

Hi, I have the cameo.
I have cut thick card with it before, you would just need to play around to get the right settings. I have cut vinyl, paper, card, fabric and acetate with mine x

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