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Homemade table decorations - help please!

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Sillysausages007 Wed 22-Mar-17 12:33:55

This is a plea from a friend of mine who is getting married this summer. She and her DP have been together for years, have children together, and have finally got round to tying the knot.

She is in the process of planning her wedding and reception, and is looking for ideas for table decorations away from the usual bunch of flowers theme. She's hit on the idea of each table being themed according to a part of her life - friends, their children, hobbies, holidays etc. But whilst she has the ideas (and lots of photos), she doesn't know how to put things together. I'm not terribly "handy" myself and can't really help. Can anyone out there help? Many thanks.

Soon2bC Thu 23-Mar-17 11:38:28

did a quick google of Memory table centrepieces and loads of images came up. think i need more specifics about what she wants to show .....i do love a wedding challenge

Soon2bC Thu 23-Mar-17 11:41:22

this is cool!

Sillysausages007 Thu 23-Mar-17 13:23:00

Wow Soon2bC, these are amazing. Thank you.

Have just got off the phone from her - apparently she is having 4 round tables, so needs 4 small-ish centrepieces (the tables are for about 10 people each). Her themes are canoeing ((!) - she and her soon to be DH are keen on watersports but canoeing in particular), their DC, their musical tastes (so I would imagine their favourite groups?), and one other, yet to be specified, theme. She's got photos galore, but doesn't have any clue how to display them. She did also mention to me that she's got old tickets, programmes etc from various bands she's been to see, so that could form part of one of the displays.

If you've got any more ideas than those that you have already, very kindly, researched, she (and I) would be hugely grateful. I knew that someone out there would have the expertise that we both lack. Thank you!

Soon2bC Fri 24-Mar-17 13:14:18

what about wish tree as an idea? (google image that search) you could take old twigs/branches paint them white (or colour to suit) then put them in a pot with some plaster of paris and then hang pictures / tickets / memorabilia from them.
The canoe one could have little canoe / paddles / life jackets on it or a boat going past in the pot 'river'
Music one with musical notes hanging / concert tickets?
depending on how big they are you could then add lights (rice fairy lights are brilliant and cheap on ebay) and sparkles (google tree centrepieces)

Im getting carried away now!

I was going to try to be all creative for my wedding but now I have ended up going for a hurricane lantern vase with sand in the bottom and candles in them surrounded by some gypsophilia grin will see how it all looks on the day which is 3 weeks today !!!

Sillysausages007 Fri 24-Mar-17 15:24:27

Oh my goodness - huge congratulations on your forthcoming wedding. I hope that you and your DH will be very happy.

Also, thank you for these wonderful ideas. I'd never even heard of wish trees (had seen them in Hobbycraft but thought they were twigs!!!). I'll pass on these ideas to my friend; I have a feeling they are just what she has been looking for (in particular the canoeing ones which are brilliant). I feel a foray to the local golf course coming up for twigs - fortunately the wedding isn't for 3 months so she still has time to put this into action.

Thank you!

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