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Religious wedding - which venue?

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JustAnotherYellowBelly Sat 11-Mar-17 11:32:02

Good morning
Looking for opinions from anyone really, even though it is a Muslim wedding.
The options are:
A) Big mosque in Birmingham where "everyone" in DP's family gets married.
I don't really want this as it's quite a trek from where we live plus i would have to get ready at one of their houses etc.
B) medium/large mosque in nearest city
I don't mind this one... but it's the one where DP's paternal side always have their funerals. Has a large car park (good for the extended family) and is beautiful. Down a rubbish road for vehicles and an hour from home.
C) small local mosque
Love the place, near to the centre of town so close to where the civil ceremony will take place. Means I can get ready at home, my non-Muslim friends can come and see me. Has a very small car park and does feel very much like a converted building. Extended family will probably be rude about it (not to my face though ;) )

Which would you pick?
I'm planning on having MIL's 5 siblings plus 3/4 kids each. Extended family live down south, so most would have to travel to some extent.
Full disclosure - DP is an extrovert, I'm more of an introvert, I don't like the fuss. Also, this will be the 4th wedding in 18 months. I just want something smaller as I believe it's the marriage not the wedding but... they all like big weddings...

Sorry to ramble!

WrittenandGrown Sun 12-Mar-17 10:19:33

This is what I would consider...

What does your DP think?
Do you have any family coming to the wedding?
Do you have plans to have photos? And where would you have them taken at each venue?
Where would YOU (and DP) be happiest? Its nice to consider families but it's your wedding and they will come anyway because they love you.


FairytaleOfSkegness Wed 05-Apr-17 19:10:07

It sounds like you prefer option C so I'd go with that one!

shesaidhello1 Wed 05-Apr-17 19:14:39

My in laws love big weddings (800+). I married the youngest son and they hadn't had a wedding for over 20 years in the family. We'd had a recently family wedding where we had invited everyone my parents wanted to (1200 people!) so when it came to my wedding as I was adamant on 300 people. My chosen venue made me have 400 due to it being wedding season and my in laws went along with this but then had a much bigger second day, which is the custom in my culture. Comprised and both of us were happy with this! Option c sounds like the one you really want! Congratulations by the way!

MulderitsmeX Wed 19-Apr-17 23:15:01

Sounds like you prefer the last one, plus it makes sense to be near the civil ceremony bit. Believe me you don't want to spend lots of your wedding day in a car!

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