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Wedding Planning Becoming Impossible

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FutureMammyB Thu 02-Mar-17 01:17:14

So me and FH have been engaged since July last year and have decided to take a couple years to plan the wedding (had the happy little accident of falling pregnant end of last year), so we are looking at 2018/2019 date. However it has become very apparent that we both have very different ideas on how we envision "our" big day. FH wants to have a posh wedding, either in a fancy hotel or country house, with 3 course dinner, fancy car, string quartet, basically the works! I know that is the dream for most ladies, however it's just not me. I am very free spirited, so would much prefer a casual, laid back day in a done up barn, hog roast, essentially a big piss up. I have tried compromising but FH just will not budge!! Starting to think this wedding is never going to happen and me and FH are destine to live the rest of our lives in sin (as my grandmother likes to put it). Any advice on how to make him budge on any aspect of this wedding, or am I just going to have to eventually cave and do it his way?

Rainbowqueeen Thu 02-Mar-17 02:17:31

Can you afford his dream wedding on your budget?
When you say you have compromised what exactly do you mean? Could you each draw up alist of what you would like under specified headings eg food, music, go through and compare and start a compromise from there.

If he won't do that or suggest another workable alternative Id be asking him if he actually really wants to get married and making my plans based on his reaction. Life married to someone who wants everything their way is not something I'd want for myself

AcademicNerd Sun 05-Mar-17 11:20:56

Have him cost out what his dream wedding would be, you cost out yours, and compare notes. Things add up so much and so quickly! I've been on a couple venue visits, did some ballpark estimates, and it came to 12k for one venue and 15k for another. I think my fiance is starting to reconsider the registry office/hire a pub for the night option smile

You can't necessarily count on a parent or relative surprising you with a cheque (plus they'll probably want a say if they do), chucking expenses on a credit card is not always a good thing to do, do you have other financial goals (house deposit, savings for the little one, etc). Can you two afford his ideal wedding all on your own? maybe yes, maybe no.

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